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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 372 - Solution

Chapter 372: Solution

Once the anaesthesia had achieved its intended effects, Jiang Yao sent Colonel Lin straight into the Medical System lab. Fortunately, the lab was able to expand and contract freely depending on the number of patients in it. Therefore, Colonel Lin and Lu Xingzhi were put in different labs.

While performing the surgery on Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao found out that the System Admin was able to function as a surgical assistant, other than wearing whimsical clothes to amuse its master.

“Master, the information was sent to you. You can start the operation once you have received it.” The System Admin gave up its struggles and promptly sent all information over. Jiang Yao was not allowed to access any of this information, but the System Admin managed to send it through a back channel.

It was intimidated at first by Jiang Yao’s suicidal thoughts but seeing her perform the surgery had the System Admin in awe.

She was calm and measured while executing the surgical procedures, even if it was on her husband.

Her breathing was paced, her hands were fast and accurate, and her motion was flawless. It seemed like she had practiced more than a thousand times.

The System Admin believed that the nineteen-year-old master had at least ten years of medical experience, to be able to execute her actions delicately and accurately.

For Jiang Yao, she used her hands to protect a life. The System Admin was pleased to be an assistant to such a wonderful master.

“The knee has to be rebuilt using artificial bones from the lab, other than that, the rest of the fractures can be treated using artificial rehabilitation membranes.” Going through the information, Jiang Yao formulated a plan of action.

The System Admin was proud. “Alright! I am getting everything that you will need now!”

Jiang Yao’s solution was the most effective and was able to minimize any collateral damage to the body. The only issue was the extreme complexity of the procedures involved.

“With the current technology, your equipment is not capable of detecting the artificial bones used. The artificial rehabilitation membranes can be absorbed by the human bones and are able to boost the recovery of the bone structure. Once the fractures are fully healed, the membranes will be completely absorbed, leaving no aftereffects. Looking at the patient’s clothing, I think he is a soldier. This will not interfere with his career at all.”

Jiang Yao did not talk. She checked the devices and equipment prepared by the System Admin and turned her full focus onto the surgery itself.

The things that the Medical System was able to provide were out of Jiang Yao’s imagination.

With today’s medical standards, a bone fracture was treated and stabilized with medical-grade titanium plates. Using this procedure, after the bones have healed, another operation had to be performed to remove the plates. Plus, there would be side effects at the site of injury.