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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Not Bad

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

This kiss happened because it was irresistible. It was also because he had dreamed about it forever.

He didn’t dare to attempt it again, he didn’t dare to take another step. But tonight, he wanted to test the waters once again.

The kiss reminded him of their first kiss. Her lips were so sweet that he was addicted to it, he was reluctant to let go.

Lu Xingzhi kissed with his eyes closed. He used only his senses to feel the reactions of the woman under him. He could feel Jiang Yao’s body stiffen as she was kissed.

Since she didn’t push him away, he started to increase the amount of force in kissing her. He gently bit her lips and his tongue found a way to glide into her mouth and taste her tongue, their tongues battling back and forth like wrestlers.

If someone were to ask Jiang Yao how it feels to kiss Lu Xingzhi?

Before tonight, she might not have been able to give an answer.

Because it had been some time ago for her to recall.

In her previous life, they had only kissed once—that was, on their wedding night. After that, they hung onto the marriage without intimacy.

All the memories and feelings on their wedding night had faded over time. After all, eleven years had passed, all the sensations at the time had long since dissipated.

However, this particular night, his swift kiss made her heart skip a beat, followed by vigorous thumping as if it wanted to jump out of the rib cage.

Her limbs and bones melted into the bed. It seemed that all her senses rushed toward the lips and focused solely on the sensual kiss.

She opened her eyes a little, staring at Lu Xingzhi’s closed eyes that were less than an inch away from her. She slowly closed her eyes, her eyelashes twitching. His nose gently brushed her cheek. He held her chin with one hand, while the other rested on her head.

Suddenly, he rolled over and pinned her underneath him.

He opened his eyes, but that didn’t stop the kiss. In fact, it became rougher, stronger, and more intense.

It was a long time before Lu Xingzhi stopped. He grinned and huffed, “Breathe, my little dum dum.”

He had no doubt that if he continued, Jiang Yao would likely become the first person in history to choke herself to death while kissing.

After Lu Xingzhi’s reminder, Jiang Yao panted heavily with her mouth open and muttered, “No wonder I feel dizzy, I’ve forgotten to breathe.”

Jiang Yao’s remark made Lu Xingzhi chuckle silently. She was neither angry nor terrified. She was just a little nervous.

Lu Xingzhi couldn’t help but intend to tease the woman with red, swollen lips who was breathing heavily like an adorable puppy.

“Not bad, did you take half a bravery supplement this morning?” So, she didn’t show any fear or unease in the face of his undisguised passion and desire, and furthermore, took the initiative to hug him twice today.

As Jiang Yao slowly regained her composure, the mocking echoed in her ear and she rolled her eyes at him.

This guy could be such a bad boy at times!

How dare he make fun of her while knowing she was embarrassed?

Jiang Yao lifted her leg and kicked Lu Xingzhi in the calf as she whined, “Get off me, I’m going to sleep.”

Lu Xingzhi didn’t move. Her gentle kicks not only did nothing to intimidate him, but she was also starting a bigger fire as she unintentionally brushed his manhood.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated you. You didn’t take half the supplement, but you took a full bravery tablet instead,” Lu Xingzhi exclaimed in a low and alarming tone. He hesitated as he looked at the woman underneath him who wasn’t aware of her misbehavior.

Jiang Yao stopped kicking and retracted her leg. She looked up and stumbled upon Lu Xingzhi’s eyes that radiated sensual and desirous aura. She recoiled in surprise.