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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 370 - The Gamble

Chapter 370: The Gamble

“Give me the form, I will sign it.” Colonel Lin did not realize that Jiang Yao had entered the room. He heard the doctors’ discussion along with the commotion started by his sister’s whining and wailing. If it were not for his injuries, he would have personally booted Miss Lin out of the hospital.

Not talking about how Lu Xingzhi had taken a bullet for him, if Lu Xingzhi’s life were in grave danger, he would pass over immediate rescue efforts without hesitation so that Lu Xingzhi could be saved first. He knew that Lu Xingzhi would do the same for him.

The doctors looked at each other after hearing Colonel Lin’s request. There was a policy in the hospital prohibiting patients from signing their own consent forms.

“There is no need to sign, you can all leave. I will handle the operation myself.” Jiang Yao grabbed the assessment report from the doctors and started reading it.

It was not an overstatement saying that Colonel Lin’s left leg was badly injured. From the assessment report, Jiang Yao guessed that Colonel Lin was captured by the enemy and tortured inhumanely. All the bones in his left leg were broken by a blunt object, one bone at a time. Every bone, including his kneecap, was found to be in a state of comminuted fracture.

Jiang Yao could not believe how Colonel Lin had managed to endure the horrible two days before being rescued and sent back home.

Right before his surgery, he still had to deal with an annoying sister and sign his own surgical consent form for amputation, a huge double-blow for Colonel Lin.

“Mrs. Lu this is the operating theater, please leave!” The doctors were made aware of the appearance of Jiang Yao. Seeing that she had snatched the assessment report away, they were irritated and visibly annoyed.

After reading the report and allowing the System Admin to scan and come up with a surgical procedure, she passed the report back to the nearest doctor.

“I said I will handle his operation, please leave now, there is no need for you to be here.” Jiang Yao was furious with these doctors who gave up on her husband. She knew that it was irrational to think that way, but she could not help it.

The man who was abandoned by the doctors was her man, her husband, the person she loved the most.

“Mrs. Lu, quit fooling around!” The head surgeon glared at the lady. “We still do not know if the surgery is going to go smoothly, what can you, a young lady, do?”

Jiang Yao did not answer but planted her hands inside her coat pocket, she then looked at the doctor who belittled and looked down on her.

She opened her hands to reveal the two bloodied bullets in her palms.

“I took these from my husband’s body. I did it myself. The person you gave up is still alive.” Jiang Yao smiled and turned toward Colonel Lin. “Colonel Lin, these doctors have to amputate your leg to keep you alive. If you want to risk it and keep your leg, do you trust me to do it?”