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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 368 - How Dare You

Chapter 368: How Dare You

Operating room number three was the room next to the one Jiang Yao was in right now. It was prepared a while ago for the arrival of Colonel Lin.

He arrived long after Lu Xingzhi did because he was sent back later. However, he was in a much better shape when he arrived.

Even though he was carried in on a stretcher, his face was relatively free of blood.

That was not to say however, that Colonel Lin was safe. His left leg was twisted at a horrible angle. A woman in her late twenties was following the stretcher, sobbing all the way, and calling out to her brother. She was Colonel Lin’s sister, Miss Lin.

Colonel Lin’s face was as pale as a sheet of paper. Before entering the operating room, he saw Liang Yueze together with a few other people and asked the doctor to stop. He asked, “How is Lu Xingzhi?”

“Brother, you don’t have to ask. I heard from the doctor that he is not going to make it, do not waste your time worrying about someone else. Get into the operating room quickly!” Miss Lin kept urging the doctor to bring her brother in. She pulled at the doctor’s coat and begged him, “Doctor, please do your best! The fate of my brother’s leg is in your hands!”

“Madam, we will do our best. Please release your hand and stop wasting our time!” The doctor pulled his coat irritatedly out of her grasp. This lady had been crying the entire time they were doing examinations and checks on Colonel Lin, so much so that the doctors were very annoyed.

“We’ll leave him to you, Doctor.” Liang Yueze walked over and pulled Miss Lin away. He asked coldly, “Where is Mrs. Lin?”

“She arrived and passed out after seeing my brother in this state.” Miss Lin did not stop crying as she was talking. “My brother is an idiot! What can we do? The doctors say that they might have to amputate his leg!”

The doctors in the operating room came out right at that moment. “The family of the patient, can you sign this surgical consent form?”

Miss Lin ran over and took the document. At one glance, she started wailing, “Doctor! You cannot amputate his leg! He is a soldier! What is a soldier without his leg! Please, doctor! Please!”

She then started kneeling as if to beg the doctor. This scared the doctor as he exclaimed, “The situation is not looking good, you need to sign it immediately for us to start our surgery. If we waste our time here, his life will be in great danger!”

“You cannot amputate his leg!” It seemed like Miss Lin did not hear what the doctor was saying, she wailed, sobbed, cried, and started complaining, “How dare you treat my brother like this? Even the helicopter was used to transport someone else before him! According to the ranks, my brother is a Colonel, Lu Xingzhi is only a Captain, why did he get to return first? Plus, Lu Xingzhi is not going to make it, why not send my brother back first? Maybe if he had arrived earlier, he would not have to undergo amputation!”