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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 361 - No Operation

Chapter 361: No Operation

“If it is lower than forty percent, do not perform the surgery!” Even though the doctor replied tactfully, and he was losing consciousness, he knew that the failure of the operation meant that he would die on the operating table, never being able to see Jiang Yao again.

If the success rate was forty percent, he would go ahead and do whatever it takes to stay alive.

However, if no matter what was done and the outcome was death, what was the point of an operation? He would rather hold out and see Jiang Yao for the last time.

“Captain Lu, we need to start the surgery soon or else you will die!” The doctor could not contain his desperation.

“If I die because of the surgery, I’d rather stay awake a little longer and see my wife! If I die, I will never see her again! Never! She is my wife; it took me so long to be with her! How can I throw it away just like that!” Lu Xingzhi was getting aggressive, and was even struggling to get down from the operating table.

“Captain Lu, take it easy, don’t do anything rash!” The nurse came forward and held him down. She turned and looked at the head surgeon.

The head surgeon looked at the assistant director. Seeing Lu Xingzhi’s condition, they were not sure if a ten percent success rate was even possible.

“We need to let them know!” Not waiting for the assistant director’s reply, the head surgeon walked out the operating room. He called out to the nurses and doctors, “Start the blood transfusion now and do all you can to stop the bleeding!”

The people waiting outside the operating theater was surprised seeing the door open up. They huddled around the head surgeon. Seeing his grim expression, nobody dared to ask the question.

“Master Liang, Captain Lu said that if the success rate of the operation is less than forty percent, he is going to refuse to do the surgery, and instead wait until his wife arrives.” The ball was now in their park, Liang Yueze and the rest had to decide, quickly.

“What is the success rate then?” Gu Haoyu asked.

“Ten percent.” The head surgeon answered truthfully. “If we do not start the operation right now, he is not going to make it!”

A suffocating silence fell upon them, the answer too agonizing to process.

Right before Liang Yueze opened his mouth to speak, a female voice suddenly rang out.

“Surgery! We need to go ahead with the surgery!” The voice was adamant and uncompromising, however quivering it was.

Jiang Yao looked flustered and piteous. On her way up, she stumbled and fell, grazing her elbow and losing a slipper. Anxious and distressed, she kept on running, ignoring her awkward composure.

“We have to do it! The surgery! If we do not do it, he will die! Even if there is only a ten percent chance he will live again, we still have to risk it!” Jiang Yao bellowed.

“Doctor, can you let her enter the operating room first? With her there accompanying Xingzhi, his will to live may become stronger.” Right now, Jiang Yao looked like a drowning mouse, frantically trying to clutch at anything that would keep Lu Xingzhi alive.