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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 360 - What is the Success Rate?

Chapter 360: What is the Success Rate?

“Xingzhi!” Liang Yueze trembled looking at the person on the stretcher. He did not know what happened to Lu Xingzhi, who was reduced to a bloody, red mess. What happened to the best soldier in the platoon, a strong and rugged man?

“Where is my wife?” Lu Xingzhi opened his eyes slowly. A simple action like this was now difficult and excruciating for him to perform. His chest hurt so bad that his body would tremble every time he breathed.

He vaguely understood that he was losing a race against time and fate.

Hence, even if he did die, he wanted to die in his own country, wrapped in the arms of the person he loved the most. He promised her before he left.

“Brother Lu, Jiang Yao is on her way here! You will see her once your operation is over! You must keep holding on!” Zhou Weiqi almost started crying while reassuring Lu Xingzhi.

Too often he witnessed Lu Xingzhi returning from a mission with injuries. Ever since their university days, he had always been an exceptional student, going on solo missions ever since he joined the platoon.

In Zhou Weiqi’s mind, Lu Xingzhi was as invincible as Superman. Anytime he was injured, aside from his buddies, he would not let anyone else know.

Especially his family in the South, he would never allow anyone in the platoon to inform them. He was always alone in the hospital, going through the treatments and recoveries on his own, not showing any signs of fear or sadness.

Zhou Weiqi knew, however, that this time around things were different.

The staunch and proud Lu Xingzhi was being carried back home and was speaking in such a weak voice it was barely audible.

He was pushed into a prepared operating theater. Looking at the bright, white surgical lights shining on him and a doctor preparing the anesthesia, he suddenly called out.

“What is the success rate of the surgery?” Lu Xingzhi pointed at his wounds. “I only want to hear the truth.”

“Captain Lu, we are not sure because we are still not able to assess whether the bullets had penetrated any of your vital organs.” The doctor already had his own presumptions. According to the blonde doctor, Lu Xingzhi went into shock twice on his way here. The doctors managed to keep him alive after massive effort, but with the amount of blood loss he had experienced, only the word ‘miracle’ could be used to describe how Lu Xingzhi was still alive.

Looking at things, the doctor presumed that the bullets had probably penetrated some of Lu Xingzhi’s vital organs, even though it did not kill him right away.

The lack of time was what propelled these doctors to take the risk and start the operation immediately. If they were to send him to do a checkup first and wait for the results to be released before deciding on a surgery, they would have lost him. At this point, time was everything and they were on a futile race against time, trying to snatch a life back from the Grim Reaper himself.