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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 358 - The Good News and the Bad News

Chapter 358: The Good News and the Bad News

Manager Sun was petrified hearing that. That was his boss, relentless and headstrong. She had no problem burying an item that looked like a legitimate antique piece.

He had his own suspicions that if the antique they had on hand was not a chamber pot but a flower vase, the buyer would have bought it right off their hands.

After all, a chamber pot was still a little…

The invitation given by the man was, Manager Sun imagined, to find out the reaction of other people after knowing that it was a chamber pot.

Some reminders to Manager Sun later, Jiang Yao hung up the phone. A seminar at the end of October, she would most probably have returned to Nanjiang City by then. However, she had no intentions whatsoever to attend the event as she did not know anything about antiques. If it were a medical seminar instead, she would gladly attend.

Zhou Weiqi was busy playing games in the living room till late that night, while Jiang Yao was occupied in the Medical System, trying to absorb as much knowledge as she could.

Her focus was one hundred percent on her studies, so much so that she did not realize Zhou Weiqi’s cell phone ringing in the dead of the night, and his subsequent sudden departure.

Horrified at what he heard through the cell phone; Zhou Weiqi looked at Jiang Yao’s room door that was shut tight for what seemed like a long time before getting his car keys.

Jindo City’s streets were quiet and deserted at night, with not a single person to be found. He slammed the accelerator of his car and arrived at the hospital in no time.

“Brother Liang! Brother Gu! Xuyao!” He saw the rest at the hospital entrance. “What on earth is going on?”

“We have good news and bad news.” Gu Haoyu’s somber expression betrayed nothing. “Jiang Yao does not know you came out, right?”

“I was shocked to hear from you. You asked me to not disturb her and to come see you immediately. I don’t even know what is going on, how could I have let her know?” Zhou Weiqi continued, “Did something happen to Brother Lu?”

If it were something else, they would not have asked him to come over immediately.

“The good news is, Old General Liang and the hostages were rescued! Now onto the bad news. Half of the rescue team died in battle, both Brother Lu and Colonel Lin were heavily injured. They are now on their way here on helicopters. Brother Lu and Colonel Lin insisted on returning to Jindo City, refusing treatment at the medical facilities overseas.” Chen Xuyao rubbed his eyes. “Mrs. Lin received the news and is on her way here. We are still deciding whether or not to inform Jiang Yao.”

“Brother Lu’s condition is worse than Colonel Lin’s?” Zhou Weiqi’s heart dropped. “We have to let Jiang Yao know immediately!”

“You do not know why Brother Lu wanted to return. He made a promise to Jiang Yao that whatever happens, he will do whatever he can to come back. If he were to die, he wanted to die in the arms of Jiang Yao!” Zhou Weiqi understood the grave situation. He was there when the couple said their goodbyes, and he heard everything they said to each other.