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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 356 - Unbelievable

Chapter 356: Unbelievable

“Are you talking about the girl you have a crush on? Did you hold her hand or kiss her already?” Chen Xuyao teased.

“Go to hell!” Zhou Weiqi gave him a vicious stare before turning toward Gu Haoyu. After some thought, he could not hold it in anymore and decided to say it.

“Brother Gu, if I say that Grandmother Liang woke up because of Jiang Yao, would you believe it?” Seeing Gu Haoyu’s confused expression, Zhou Weiqi felt better. It was the exact response he expected.

This was normal, just like how he felt when he saw what was going on back at the hospital room. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was as surprised as seeing an alien right in front of him.

“Why do you say that?” Gu Haoyu believed that Zhou Weiqi would not make a statement like that without a good reason.

That was all it took for Zhou Weiqi to start talking.

“I went to a nearby restaurant to get some porridge for take-away. When I came back, I saw that Luo Ruoran had left because of her work. Jiang Yao was alone in the room with Grandmother Liang. The door was shut but I could see clearly from the glass on the door that she was doing acupuncture on Grandmother Liang.”

Zhou Weiqi moved his hands around trying to portray what happened. “It was a long and thin silver needle, like the ones you always see in traditional Chinese medicine. I stood there for a while, just looking at Jiang Yao inserting those needles into Grandmother Liang’s body. Weirdly enough, I did not go in and stop her. Instead, I threw away the food I had and went to buy it again.”

To say that Gu Haoyu and Chen Xuyao were shocked was an understatement. Nobody expected something like this.

“She is a medical student, right? I thought that she just started school a month ago as a freshman?” Gu Haoyu asked.

“I think she was sure that Grandmother Liang would wake up.” Zhou Weiqi tried to remember what happened a few hours ago. He continued, “When Brother Liang and Ruoran came back, Jiang Yao insisted on staying. When we sat around the bed chatting, I noticed that her gaze was always on Grandmother Liang, even when she was talking to us. She would check her watch from time to time, trying to guesstimate what time Grandmother Liang would wake up. That’s why she was the first to know when Grandmother Liang woke up.”

“Unbelievable!” Gu Haoyu exclaimed.

Chen Xuyao shook his head, “It’s just outright unimaginable. She is only nineteen years old, right? I heard from Brother Lu that Jiang Yao liked reading books since she was young. Do you think she learned how to do acupuncture from books?”

“If I were to give you a book to read, would you dare to actually do it?” Gu Haoyu looked at Chen Xuyao, trying to understand his dumb statement.

“If she has only read about it, I don’t think she would have dared to use Grandmother Liang as practice. The point is, she was swift and confident in her actions, it seemed like she knew the pressure points well by heart.” Zhou Weiqi thought about it, trying to find a fitting explanation to this strange incident.

“I believe Jiang Yao has a secret that even Brother Lu does not know.”