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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 355 - Something is Going On

Chapter 355: Something is Going On

Luo Ruoran knew that Grandmother Liang was worried about Old General Liang, but since there was no news yet, Liang Yueze could only tell her that both Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin had gone to the frontline and joined the rescue mission.

Grandmother Liang felt better hearing the news, as she had great faith and confidence in Lu Xingzhi’s ability. She trusted that Lu Xingzhi would do whatever he could to save Old General Liang.

“That is great!” Chen Xuyao breathed a sigh of relief, “When Brother Lu brings Old General Liang back, the family will be together again!”

Just a while later, Grandmother Liang was pushed into the room by a nurse, accompanied by Liang Yueze. Once the bed was steadied, everyone got around.

Grandmother Liang just woke up and was not in her best shape. Yet, she soldiered on just because she wanted to see her family. She knew that everyone was worried about her after she had fainted and was admitted into the hospital.

She took turns patting everyone’s hand, shaking her head lightly and smiling gently, asking them not to worry.

“Mum, you gave me the biggest fright of my life!” Mrs. Liang cried like a three-year-old child, leaning onto her husband for support.

She had been holding back her emotions for the past few days.

Since Old General Liang’s incident, she stayed strong and did not, at any point, cry. It was not that she did not want to, as a mother figure in the family, if she started crying, the morale of the family would take another hit.

Jiang Yao and the rest left the hospital, leaving the Liang family for some alone time.

Zhou Weiqi sent Jiang Yao back home first. After seeing that he had some time to spare, he decided to go to work. On his way to work was Chen Xuyao’s company. He changed his mind immediately and parked his car below Chen Xuyao’s office building.

Chen Xuyao started a company of his own, doing everything related to arts and designs. He always called himself an artist. Everything from the architecture to the interior of his office was designed by himself. It was a unique sight in Jindo City, making him quite well-known.

The receptionist knew Zhou Weiqi well. She greeted him and said, “Good afternoon Mr. Zhou. Mr. Gu is in too.”

Hearing that, Zhou Weiqi nodded.

He walked straight toward Chen Xuyao’s office room, pretending to knock before pushing the door wide open and entering without waiting for a reply.

“Why did you come?” Gu Haoyu and Chen Xuyao were drinking tea together. Seeing Zhou Weiqi’s smiling face, they were a little weirded out.

“Brother Gu, Xuyao.” Zhou Weiqi sat beside the duo and poured himself some tea.

“I see something is going on with you.” Chen Xuyao laughed.

Zhou Weiqi shrugged, not denying anything.

“You bet there is! Only I know it, but now I feel like sharing this secret with someone else.”