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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 351 - Preparation

Chapter 351: Preparation

After dinner, everyone left. Jiang Yao, after tidying herself up in the bathroom, went to bed early.

She could not sleep, twisting and turning around in bed, for she was extremely worried about Lu Xingzhi.

Surely, he had reached his destination, was he already deployed?

How dangerous would it be?

Did he miss her? How about the medicine she gave him before he left, did he use it?

That night, Jiang Yao could not sleep at all, her mind filled with what-ifs and worst-case scenarios.

Wide awake at eleven o’clock, she chose to log in to the System Laboratory and work on the patient model repeatedly to practice her techniques. By the next morning, she could insert the needles into each acupuncture point with absolute accuracy. After all, she had memorized the order of sequence and where the acupuncture points were located.

The following day at ten in the morning, Jiang Yao asked that Zhou Weiqi go to the hospital together with her.

It was a little over eleven when they arrived, only Luo Ruoran was there, alone.

“Where’s Brother Liang?” Zhou Weiqi went in and, not seeing Liang Yueze anywhere, asked Luo Ruoran.

“He came with me early this morning, but half an hour ago, his company called and needed him back to handle some urgent matters,” Luo Ruoran explained while handing the others some apples. She continued, “Since you two arrived at this hour, I believe you have not had lunch?”

“No, Jiang Yao wanted to come and see Grandmother Liang as soon as possible, that is why we came immediately.” Zhou Weiqi answered, a little too honest.

Luo Ruoran looked at Jiang Yao and sighed, “It is still the same, her condition is not getting any better nor worse. I don’t know when she will wake up.”

She looked at her watch and said, “How about both of you stay here while I go and buy lunch for you? Or do you want to eat out later?”

“No worries! I will get takeaway for us.” Zhou Weiqi had no intentions of letting Luo Ruoran run these kinds of errands. Plus, she looked very exhausted, it was better for her to stay put.

Saying that, he grabbed his car keys and left. Jiang Yao glanced at Luo Ruoran, and seeing her heavy eyebags, she knew for sure that Luo Ruoran did not sleep well the night before.

At least Jiang Yao had the Medical System. Even though she did not sleep, she was able to recharge in the system. Things were not as good for Luo Ruoran.

“You have not been sleeping well for the past few days, have you?” Jiang Yao really liked Luo Ruoran. Even though they were not friends in her previous life, Jiang Yao could feel Luo Ruoran’s genuine kindness toward her.

“Yeah, how could we? Nobody in the house has been sleeping well since the incident.” Luo Ruoran smiled bitterly.

“Let me prepare some herbal supplements to help your sleep. I know everyone is worried about Old General Liang and Grandmother Liang, but not getting rest is not the right way to go.” Jiang Yao was trying to figure out a way for Luo Ruoran to leave the hospital room now that Zhou Weiqi had left as well. She wanted to administer the acupuncture treatment for Grandmother Liang but could not find a good reason for Luo Ruoran to leave.

While Jiang Yao was deep in thought, Luo Ruoran’s cell phone rang. She could hear from Luo Ruoran’s voice and tone that it was something urgent. It seemed to Jiang Yao that Luo Ruoran’s company had some matters that needed to be tended to, and that she had to go there immediately. However, she did not want to leave, and they were on the verge of a big argument.