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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 347 - Is It Classified

Chapter 347: Is It Classified

Luo Ruoran handed Jiang Yao a bowl and a pair of chopsticks after she was seated and said, “Among us, Weiqi’s culinary skill is the best, but he doesn’t cook often, the lazy dog.”

“I take it as a compliment,” Zhou Weiqi said with a coy smile and sat in the vacant seat beside Jiang Yao. He crossed his legs and shook it mischievously while looking at Liang Yueze on the opposite, “Hey, Ruoran, aren’t you afraid that so-and-so will be jealous of you praising me?”

The so-and-so was naturally the guy sitting next to Luo Ruoran who twitched his lips in slight disdain when Luo Ruoran praised Zhou Weiqi.

During dinner, someone brought up Lu Xingzhi’s mission so Gu Haoyu said, “I heard that someone from the Chen family also participated in the mission.”

Jiang Yao slammed her bowl and chopsticks down, exasperated. “The Chen family? Is it Chen Feitang?”

“Who else can it be other than her? I heard that she eagerly volunteered to join,” Luo Ruoran snorted. She wanted to blurt out that Chen Feitang volunteered for her death mission, but Lu Xingzhi was in the same mission as well, she could not say it out loud.

Honestly, she felt that Chen Feitang had signed up for a death mission, but she was praying that Lu Xingzhi could return safely.

Jiang Yao was taken aback. “I thought that it was a direct order from the superiors, I didn’t know that they could volunteer to join.”

If she knew it, she would definitely volunteer as well!

Although she could not participate in the operation, the rescue team always needed a physician to stand by, did they not? If she had known that she could have volunteered, she would have applied as a doctor and stayed one step closer to Lu Xingzhi.

However, she could not help but sigh again as her thoughts wandered on.

Her hands were tied despite her eagerness.

She was just a freshman now, not the excellent doctor with zero error records in her ten-year career before rebirth.

She was like a superhero with secret superpowers now that no one would and could believe. She even had to find a way to get rid of the Liang family for the treatment she planned for Grandmother Liang the next day.

She needed to be strong and powerful! She was hoping that one day, if this kind of thing were to happen again, she would be able to stand with Lu Xingzhi and face it together. He would be at the front line, surging and charging with all his might, while she stayed at the rescue and support team to assist and take care of him, and get rid of his worries.

“General Chen was on the list of hostages, that’s why they approved her application. I bet that they approved for the sake of the Chen family. It is very unlikely for her to join the front line mission, she will most probably stay at the command team.”

Ever since they were in college, Chen Feitang’s admiration for Lu Xingzhi was very obvious and apparent. However, her personality was slightly more likable than her cousin, Chen Feibai, she never really expressed her feelings for Lu Xingzhi either, so everyone pretended that they did not know anything about it.

“What is the reason behind the kidnapping anyway?” Jiang Yao felt that this group of buddies could easily find out the motives based on their limitless network and connections.

Sure enough, Zhou Weiqi cursed out loud upon the question.

“It’s all because of the greed from the higher-ups!” Zhou Weiqi cursed, “The other side was forced to go to this extent to get their things back!”

Jiang Yao was getting more and more confused. She still could not understand anything from what he said.

“You have to keep it as a secret to the outsiders, right?” Jiang Yao asked tentatively, “If you can’t say anything about it, just forget it.”

“Are there any outsiders sitting here?” Gu Haoyu asked with a smile.