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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 344 - Visit Grandmother Liang

Chapter 344: Visit Grandmother Liang

Lu Xingzhi should have just left, which meant that Jiang Yao came straight to the hospital after sending him off, they had not even gone to their residence yet.

“She wants to come to the hospital first so she asked me to take her here,” Zhou Weiqi replied as he glanced at Luo Ruoran, the newlywed. He was quite distressed to see her so exhausted. They grew up together, after all, he was closer to her than he was with his own sisters.

“I thank you on behalf of Grandma,” Luo Ruoran hugged Jiang Yao and uttered. “We know about Xingzhi too.”

Hence, they did not know what else to say except thank you.

If Lu Xingzhi had no intention of joining the mission, the Liang family had the power and influence in their hands to remove him from it, Liang Yueze and Mr. Liang tried to persuade him to reconsider it, but he insisted that he wanted to rescue General Liang by all means.

The buddies did not even dare to imagine if something were to happen to Lu Xingzhi in this mission.

The Lu family had a son and a daughter. In the South, it was accustomed that the son was always the one to carry on the family line. Jiang Yao was still so young, they were starting to warm up to each other, and they had no children yet.

The Liang family did hope that they could send someone who was capable and trustworthy to join the rescue mission, but, contradictorily, they did not want Lu Xingzhi to go.

Everyone was selfish in some ways. Similar to the Liang family, Lu Xingzhi bore the same objective—his top and only priority was General Liang and no one else. If he could only rescue one person among so many hostages, he would choose to rescue his and his buddies’ family.

Of course, the best option would be to rescue every single one of them. They would do their best in this mission with any chance they could grasp.

“Same goes to you guys for looking after Grandma Liang. She is a nice woman, I’m sure she will wake up anytime soon,” Jiang Yao offered a word of comfort to Luo Ruoran.

She could see that Luo Ruoran was different from the daughters-in-law of other families. Frankly speaking, the adults of the Liang family watched Luo Ruoran grow from a girl to an elegant young lady. Her concern for her in-laws had exceeded the passion a usual daughter-in-law would give to her husband’s family.

No one knew General Liang’s current status, and now, Grandmother Liang was at the hospital. Although she was resuscitated, Zhou Weiqi told her that even the doctors were not sure when she would regain consciousness, they could not even be certain if she could wake up at all.

Luo Ruoran must be in so much stress right now.

Zhou Weiqi and Liang Yueze left the ward to talk outside while Jiang Yao and Luo Ruoran stayed behind in the ward. Lying on the bed, Grandmother Liang looked nothing like the high-spirited and cheerful lady she was at the wedding banquet the other day. Her face was as pale as a sheet of lifeless paper, her breathing was shallow and slow.

Jiang Yao picked up the medical record and scrutinized it gingerly. Luo Ruoran found her actions odd but she did not say anything or even stop her.

Many people had come to the hospital the past few days, but Jiang Yao was the only one who looked at the medical record so seriously. Luo Ruoran recalled that Jiang Yao was a medical student. In an instant, she could feel as if a doctor’s spirit was superimposed over Jiang Yao, especially when the tiny frown appeared as she was studying the file.

She was sure that those who did not know her would treat her as a doctor in plainclothes when they witnessed such a scene.

Grandmother Liang had a history of high blood pressure, the sudden shock triggered an increase in blood pressure that resulted in a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. Although she was sent to the hospital in time for treatment, her old age and the current medical technology that was not as advanced as a decade later made her case very tricky and complex.