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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 342 - Stay Alive

Chapter 342: Stay Alive

The car was silent throughout the journey to Jindo City. The air was still, almost suffocating.

Lu Xingzhi held on tightly to Jiang Yao’s hand, not letting go even for one second. It was not long before they arrived at the helipad. Jiang Yao could see Zhou Weiqi leaning on his car smoking a cigarette from afar.

“Colonel Lin, Captain Lu, we have arrived.” The driver announced, breaking the silence. A few helicopters were parked on the helipad. Plenty of people were already waiting. He knew, all chosen to be in this rescue mission were the best among the best.

It was an extreme honor for soldiers from the Jin City platoon to be chosen. Yet, the lives of the soldiers would be the biggest concern for everyone from the platoon until they return.

“Jiang Yao.” Colonel Lin straightened his beret and called out to Jiang Yao suddenly. “For the past few days, my wife has been talking to me about you. She told me that both of you are very compatible and have good chemistry. If anything happens to me this time, and I cannot make it back, please talk to her and be with her more.”

Jiang Yao started crying after hearing that.

Lu Xingzhi raised his hand and wiped off her tears.

“Zhou Weiqi is waiting for you there, off you go.” Lu Xingzhi said that, but his actions betrayed his words. He pulled Jiang Yao closer and hugged her tightly.

He never wanted to let her go.

“Xingzhi, listen! You must come back alive! I swear to you that I will do whatever I can to save you!”

“Yes.” Lu Xingzhi nodded. “I promise that if I am dying, I will die in your arms.”

“I will not let you die. Trust me, you will live! You told me yourself that the fortune teller said you would live to ninety years old. We will grow old together, surrounded by our children and grandchildren. I want to have four kids with you!”

Finishing her sentence, she pushed Lu Xingzhi away. Biting her lips, she wiped her tears off.

“Go! I will be waiting for you in Jindo City!” Jiang Yao said. She turned and looked at Colonel Lin and continued, “Colonel Lin, same to you! Come back here alive and I will do whatever I can to save you!”

She wanted Lu Xingzhi’s companion to be safe. He still had a son waiting for him to return, the boy needs his father growing up.

“Although, I am quite a lazy person. It is best if both of you can return holding hands and in one piece. If you do not come back safely, me and Xingzhi are going to have four kids and I will have them bully your son every day!”

“Hold hands? Come on! I am not doing that with another man!” Colonel Lin felt a little lighthearted listening to Jiang Yao. He even managed to laugh a little. “My kid is already eight years old, where’s yours?”