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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 333 - True or False

Chapter 333: True or False

“No, you can’t.” Lu Xingzhi smiled helplessly. He knew that Jiang Yao was worried about him and that was why he felt helpless. Despite being a grown up, he made his wife so worried about him to the extent that she even wanted to accompany him for the training session.

“Just relax, I ain’t a daredevil. I can adjust myself to the training condition once I step out of the house.” Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and kissed Jiang Yao on the corner on her lips. He stood straight back up when he realized that she was avoiding him. “If you want to train as well, you can go for a jog around the family compound. Wait for me to return, I will bring you for breakfast at the cafeteria.”

Jiang Yao agreed after giving it some thought. “Alright, I will go downstairs for a jog since I can’t go back to sleep either.”

Jiang Yao smacked her palm on Lu Xingzhi’s face when she noticed that he wanted to kiss her again with a big smile on his face. “Go and wash off the mouthful of toothpaste of yours right now! If you are to kiss me like that again, I will be angry with you!”

Lu Xingzhi had not met anyone who would give others a heads up before they got mad. As he looked at her pouting and getting angry, he felt that she was much more interesting than the time she was drunk while being coquettish.

However, he understood that he did not look very attractive with a mouthful of toothpaste foam so he went to wash them off anyway. He then lowered his head and continued to kiss her but this time it was not a light peck on the lips. He grabbed her and gave her a fiery deep kiss. After the kiss ended, Jiang Yao got herself a mouthful of mint-scented breath. She realized that Lu Xingzhi liked to kiss her from time to time whenever he had the chance to.

Both of them went downstairs after getting changed. Lu Xingzhi went for his training session while Jiang Yao went for a jog around the family compound for an hour. After Lu Xingzhi returned from his training, both of them went to the cafeteria together.

They met a lot of people when they were walking from the familiy compound to the cafeteria. However, Jiang Yao noticed that they were all mumbling about something but stopped talking as soon as they saw her and Lu Xingzhi walking past them.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi and noticed that he remained unperturbed. Therefore, she did not ask much about it as well. However, Jiang Yao finally knew what those people were talking about behind Lu Xingzhi’s back when they arrived at the cafeteria.

Zhou Junmin was waiting for Lu Xingzhi at the entrance of the cafeteria. He was surprised that Jiang Yao would accompany him there that morning. He gave a second thought as to what he was going to say and believed that Jiang Yao would have heard the news as well from others even if he kept it from her. Therefore, he did not try to hide it from Jiang Yao and confronted Lu Xingzhi.

“Captain, the men who were sent to buy groceries said that they saw Mrs. Ge coming out from a motel with a man who seemed to be around forty years old. Mrs. Ge was even hugging the man closely, and they kissed each other after they entered a car.” Zhou Junmin frowned even harder as he spoke, “They said that Mrs. Ge was dressed up very flamboyantly. She looked nowhere the same when she was in the platoon a few days ago.”

“Did they mistaken her for somebody else?” Jiang Yao thought that the idea sounded unbelievable. Mrs. Ge could not have betrayed her family and done something that outrageous, right?

“It could be a mistake if only one man saw it but how could a group of men have mistaken her for someone else at the same time? They even heard the man calling out Mrs. Ge’s name!” Zhou Junmin got even angrier as he spoke. He curled both of his hands into fists. “Such a shameless woman! Sergeant Ge is taking care of their child while being injured. Look at what she did in return! She went to enjoy her life with another wealthy man and cheated on Sergeant Ge!”

“Don’t spread the news yet, and don’t let Sergeant Ge find out.” Lu Xingzhi reminded him.

He knew that the soldiers would avoid letting him find out about all the gossips in the platoon because he had a bad temper. If he were to find out that they had been spreading gossip, he would punish all of them in order to restore discipline in the platoon. He would not allow that kind of bad tendency to grow in the platoon.

After some consideration, Lu Xingzhi said again, “How about this? Later, when you have your breakfast, you give Sergeant Ge’s hometown a call. Double check whether Mrs. Ge is at their hometown or not.”