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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 332 - You Seem Bothered

Chapter 332: You Seem Bothered

Liang Yueze would have figured out all these by himself. However, Old General Liang was already of a certain age. Everyone was worried that his body would not be able to sustain after all the hardship he had to suffer because of this.

“By the way, do you have any idea why Old General Liang and the others went for the meeting and what the content of the meeting was?” Lu Xingzhi believed that there was a direct connection between the reason for the plane getting hijacked and the content of the meeting.

“The investigation is still being carried out secretly but everything is highly confidential. I could only get my hands on the brief outline. It seems that the meeting was held by the union in secret and it had something to do with the newly-invented weapon. I’m still trying my best to get more detailed information.” Liang Yueze then said out of anger, “Those outlaws! They are like mad men whenever they find weapons!”

Lu Xingzhi did not know what to say. Out of all the nations, which one of them would not care about weapons? Weapons were the capital of a nation. Whoever had the stronger and more advanced weapon had the stronger backing!

After he ended the call, Lu Xingzhi stared at the half-done proposal which was on the table. It was clear that he was not in the mood to continue writing anymore.

He took a look at the time. The clock was about to strike ten. He then turned off the lights in the study room and walked out.

When Lu Xingzhi heard that the meeting had something to do with weapons, he had a bad feeling. The hijackers might have come for the newly-invented weapon.

The hijackers would probably use the hostages to exchange with the weapons.

Old General Liang was the pillar of the Liang family most of the time. If something were to happen to Old General Liang, it would have a great impact on the Liang family.

“Done with your work?” Jiang Yao lifted up her head and looked toward the man who had walked in when she heard sounds coming from the door. She noticed that his mind had drifted elsewhere. He even walked straight into the big closet that they had just bought and banged his head. Jiang Yao’s heart ached for him as she burst into laughter.

She came down from the bed immediately and walked toward Lu Xingzhi. “Did you forget that we bought a big closet today?” Also, what were you trying to get from the closet?”

“Oh… I wanted to grab my pyjamas and change into them.” Lu Xingzhi came back to his senses and rubbed the part that banged into the closet. He was deep in his thoughts and forgot that there were changes in the furnishings of the house. Therefore, he was used to turning in one specific direction and bending down so that he could grab his pyjamas from the small closet. Then, he would get onto his bed and sleep.

Jiang Yao heard what he said and helplessly pulled at the clothes that he was wearing. “Aren’t you already wearing your pyjamas? You have been wearing them ever since you’re done bathing!”

She noticed that Lu Xingzhi paused for a second. He lowered his head and looked at the clothes which were on him foolishly. Jiang Yao dragged him back onto the bed and asked him to sit down.

“You look like you are in a daze and you seem bothered…” Jiang Yao said, “Are you still worried about the things that happened to Yueze’s family? Even so, you can’t be too occupied with that all the time. Didn’t you just say it yourself to wait for the news? If you keep stressing yourself out like this, you will not be in good condition for tomorrow’s training. What if you hurt yourself?”

“No… I was thinking about work just now.” Lu Xingzhi denied. He was worried that Jiang Yao might be concerned about him if he continued to be in that state.

He forced himself to quit thinking about the Liang family temporarily. He should just wait and check whether there would be any new progress or other news the next morning.

As for now, a beautiful day like this should be spent doing something else with his wife to kill time. An enjoyable round of exercise before sleep would contribute to a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Jiang Yao woke up as well when Lu Xingzhi got up.

“Can family members join the training session?” Jiang Yao asked Lu Xinghzi who was brushing his teeth. He did not manage to fall asleep after completing the exercise last night. She knew that he was texting someone on the phone. Therefore, she was worried about Lu Xingzhi’s condition on that day.