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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 331 - The Content of The Meeting

Chapter 331: The Content of The Meeting

It was an undeniable truth that he did not have any holidays left for him to return to his hometown during the New Year holidays.

“I’m coming back.” Jiang Yao answered swiftly without any hesitation. “I have made that decision a long time ago. I will be staying at my home for a few days before the holidays. Then, I will rush back to your platoon and celebrate the New Year with you. That was the reason why I was rushing to get the house ready so that I would not be worried about not having enough time to tidy up the house.”

Jiang Yao was even considering whether or not she should buy a refrigerator. However, she gave up on the idea eventually.

Based on what Lu Xingzhi told her, the coldest temperature in Jin City was as low as negative ten to twenty degree celsius, especially during the first few days of the new year, and it was a norm for it to snow. Unlike the states in the south, the weather during the new year was unpredictable. It could get to one or two degree celsius when it was cold or shoot right up to twenty degree celsius when it was hot.

Therefore, goods which were bought during the new year could be stored for a long period of time due to the cold weather. People could even place the goods at the corner of their balconies. The goods would freeze and there would be no need for a refrigerator.

When she was not home, Lu Xingzhi would definitely not cook for himself regularly so the refrigerator would not be put to good use even if she did buy one. She could just wait and buy the big electrical appliances after she had graduated and joined Lu Xingzhi in his platoon.

After dinner, Lu Xingzhi went to wash the dishes automatically. At the same time, he even heated up the water for them to bathe. No matter how big or small the things were, he would not want Jiang Yao to move at all if it were something he could handle.

His wife could only come to accompany him at his platoon for a few days in a year. How could he bear to let her do the chores?

She was a little princess when she was in the Jiang family. Now that she was married to the Lu family, it was only necessary for him to pamper her with love.

When the clock struck eight, Ge Wenwen came knocking on the door. She was there to send over the plates that she had washed. Lu Xingzhi was bathing at that time so it was Jiang Yao who answered the door. When Jiang Yao saw Ge Wenwen’s pair of sneaky eyes, she did not even let her step through the door. She asked Ge Wenwen to go back and shut the door once she took over the plates.

Lu Xingzhi went straight into his study room once he was done bathing. Jiang Yao knew that he was busy during that period of time so she did not go and bother him. She grabbed a book from his study room and read it in the bedroom.

In his study room, Lu Xingzhi was drafting an in-depth intensive training plan but something else was in his mind. His pen would move and stop, again and again. In the end, he put down the pen and walked toward the window. He picked up his phone and gave Liang Yueze a call.

The Liang family was in a mess at the moment. Mrs. Liang was accompanying Grandmother Liang at the hospital alongside two of her daughters-in-law. Mr. Liang and the two brothers left the hospital after their grandmother’s surgery and went around searching for intel.

“The location of the landing site of the plane was discovered. The plane landed on the outskirts of E Nation. Everyone on the plane was taken away by the people who were waiting there for them all along. They planned everything out in advance. From hijacking the plane until their retreat, it only took them less than twenty minutes to get that all done. Emergency response teams from other nations did not even have the time to react. Our leader has gone to negotiate with the local government and sent out a rescue team there. The local government is also very cooperative in helping the investigation as well as the rescue.”

“In other words, the hijackers had every detail about the meeting, something that was highly confidential. They were even well aware of the meeting schedule.” Lu Xingzhi said, “There must be a reason why the hijackers executed such a well-planned operation. Therefore, the hostages should be safe in the meantime. There must be a purpose for them going through all that trouble to hijack a plane full of people. As long as they have a purpose, it should be fine. Those who were taken hostage were high-level personnels who have retired from the military. Some of them are still serving. Therefore, the country will use all its resources to rescue them.”