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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 325 - Brother Ge

Chapter 325: Brother Ge

Seeing how Mrs. Ge and Ge Wenwen had treated her, Jiang Yao would not have done it if not for Lu Xingzhi, even though it had nothing to do with Sergeant Ge.

“What is there to thank me for? I cannot bear to see you looking worried, that’s why I am doing it. I am saying this upfront though, I do not know how to make it, so you are going to cook it first and teach me at the same time.” Jiang Yao was embarrassed.

Lu Xingzhi did not have much time for his afternoon break. He spent the rest of his time cleaning the house and arranging the new furniture with Jiang Yao.

Their house looked different after they were done with the cleaning.

“Let’s put all the old and worn-out furniture here in the living room. I will get some people to help move them out.” Lu Xingzhi wiped the sweat off his forehead. The living room was very cramped, filled with all the temporary extra junk.

Compared to his own house, this house in the platoon was very small. Luckily, Jiang Yao had no issues with it.

After a few words with her, Lu Xingzhi got changed and left. A while later, some soldiers came and took all the unwanted furniture away.

Just as she was entering the house, the door opposite creaked open. A man with a crutch came walking out.

“Brother Ge,” Jiang Yao greeted him.

Sergeant Ge had a tanned complexion. He looked a little over thirty years old, with a very normal appearance. At his age, with his current ranking, he probably had an extremely difficult time progressing.

“Are you Captain Lu’s wife?” Sergeant Ge looked a little shocked, locking eyes with Jiang Yao. He then swiftly apologized, “I am sorry for what happened with my wife and my daughter. She is not the brightest and has a bad temper, I hope you can forgive her.”

Jiang Yao ignored his last remark and asked, “Where are you going, Brother Ge? I thought that the doctor wanted you to be on bedrest?”

Jiang Yao used the Medical System and scanned Sergeant Ge. He was injured seriously, with gun wounds, bone fractures and some cuts. Usually, the doctor would require the patient to stay in the hospital for further care. This was done also to prevent infection of the wounds.

Sergeant Ge acknowledged Jiang Yao’s concern, but he was out of his wits.

“Wenwen left early in the morning and has not been back since. It is past lunchtime now. I am going to look for her.” Sergeant Ge sighed. “She was unhappy that I scolded her this morning.”

“The platoon is really strict with security, I do not think a kid like her is going to get out, do not worry.” Jiang Yao had no good feelings toward Ge Wenwen. A six-year-old like her would have been able to support her family out in the countryside, doing house chores and whatnot. Who would have expected a wild brat like Ge Wenwen?