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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 323 - An Incident

Chapter 323: An Incident

Mrs. Lin was quite happy to be shopping with Jiang Yao. They clicked well and were comfortable talking to each other.

On buying furniture, Jiang Yao did not hesitate nor looked at the price tag. If she liked it, she would buy it.

After spending nearly an hour and a half at the furniture plaza, Jiang Yao bought plenty of furniture and household products. After paying for it, the plaza would deliver everything to the platoon. Once the products had reached the platoon, there would be people around the platoon assisting with the tough chore of moving everything into her house.

After the big purchases, Jiang Yao went to the wet market with Mrs. Lin. They bought a lot of fresh produce and meat. Knowing from conversation that their cooking skills were pretty much similar, they looked at each other and laughed.

Even though her children had already grown up, Mrs. Lin’s cooking skills were still to be desired. She grew up comfortably in a family with a good financial background. All house chores were done by her mother and the maids. After her marriage, with her husband in the platoon, she brought up her children in Jin City at her parents’ house. They only visited the platoon during weekends. Even then, they either ate at the cafeteria or Colonel Lin would cook.

Jiang Yao thought of Sergeant Ge when buying her groceries. Remembering his injuries, she bought a chicken, a fish, and some organic eggs. However much they hated Ge Wenwen and her mother, Lu Xingzhi still cared about Sergeant Ge. If not, he would not drink with him till late at night and come back with a frown on his face.

They left early in the morning, only returning to the platoon at noon.

Lu Xingzhi brought lunch for Jiang Yao from the cafeteria. Upon entering the house, he could see Jiang Yao busy tidying up the house.

“Come and eat first, you have the rest of the afternoon to tidy up.” Lu Xingzhi prompted Jiang Yao.

“Coming!” Jiang Yao came out from the bedroom saying, “The curtains are custom made, they will be delivered in a few days. I chose a light purple one, it is beautiful!”

Lu Xingzhi hummed and turned on the radio.

Jiang Yao opened the lunch box and her eyes lit up at once. “I am famished after an entire morning of walking non-stop. It was fun going out shopping with Mrs. Lin. She has really good taste and knows where to buy the best stuff in the city.”

She remembered Mrs. Lin telling her something this morning. “Mrs. Lin told me that going out with Mrs. Ge was a nightmare. It is not because she did not have enough money, it is just her attitude. Nobody likes her.”

Lu Xingzhi was listening to the news on the radio, so he just nodded in acknowledgement. Gossips like these did not concern him. Anyway, there was breaking news on the radio, a commercial plane was hijacked by an unknown force and was now uncontactable and untraceable.