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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 321 - A Big Mess

Chapter 321: A Big Mess

“Baddie! You stupid! Idiot! I hope you get into a car accident!” Ge Wenwen was unhappy that she did not hit Jiang Yao with her first throw. She kept cursing while looking for more stones.

“Ge Wenwen! What do you think you are doing?!”

Colonel Lin appeared behind Ge Wenwen and yelled at her. She turned and started running once she saw who it was. Running past Jiang Yao, she gave her a hard shove.

“What is wrong with that kid?” Lu Xingzhi would have given her a few hard slaps on the face if she were his child. It was insane seeing a little girl behaving in such an outrageous manner.

“Thanks to her mother, that is!” Raging, Colonel Lin continued, “Remember a few days ago when she came and asked for your help to look after Ge Wenwen? After that, she went around telling people that you rejected her because she came from a rural village, saying that you looked down on her.”

“She knew beforehand that we were going to a wedding in Jindo City, and brought Ge Wenwen to us early in the morning, wanting us to bring the little girl to Jindo City as well. Come on!” Lu Xingzhi scoffed coldly. “Who cares anyway, she is not my wife.”

“Someone from the Yang family has had enough of her and started an argument with her. I am not sure how, but Sergeant Ge somehow got wind of the situation. He asked for a quiet discharge from the hospital. After returning home, the couple started quarrelling in front of their daughter. He asked for a divorce and for the mother of his daughter to leave. Enraged, she actually left then and there, nobody knows where she is now.”

In Colonel Lin’s eyes this was an extremely messy situation. “Sergeant Ge has been playing the roles of both father and mother to Ge Wenwen, taking care of her while recovering from his injuries. Ge Wenwen was spoiled by her mother, not even Sergeant Ge can manage her. Talking back and arguing every time she is unhappy with her father. They were arguing just now before the little girl ran off and decided to express her anger by trying to hurt you.”

Colonel Lin did not mention how a six-year old girl like Ge Wenwen could get so foul-mouthed, it was as plain as daylight who she learned it from.

“How is he doing? I thought the hospital wanted him to stay a little longer?” Lu Xingzhi could not stop worrying about Sergeant Ge.

“He is getting better, slowly.” Colonel Lin shook his head. “I am worried, seeing him like this. He does not have nurses taking care of him now. Moreover, he still has to do house chores and look after his daughter.”

The more Colonel Lin thought about it, the stronger his conviction that Mrs. Ge had some issues mentally. Her husband was in the hospital recovering from a serious injury, yet she was here making a scene and disturbing other people. She did not stop even after Sergeant Ge came back. Rather than apologizing and taking up the responsibility to care for her husband, she left abruptly, leaving the family just like that.

A lover’s quarrel, Colonel Lin had no issues with it. Yet, Sergeant Ge was not in a physically sound state, why could not she put everything aside and look after her husband for now? If she really wanted to leave, she could do so after making sure that he was well taken care of.

Not wanting to hold up Mr. and Mrs. Lu, Colonel Lin left after saying so.

Upon reaching their house, Jiang Yao turned and looked at the door opposite them. It was shut tight and locked up, nobody could see what was going on inside.