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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Going to the City

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mr. and Mrs. Lu had always loved children. They treated Lu Xiaoxiao like their own daughter. After Lu Xiaoxiao came to her uncle’s house, she received unconditional love from her uncle and aunt, as well as the company of her cousins. Hence, she was raised in a healthy and harmonious environment and grew up to be cheerful and perky. Because of this, Lu Haixing was particularly grateful to his brother.

The Lu brothers had such a strong brotherhood bond. They would share the best that they had among themselves. The people in the town were envious of their great relationship, for they were the role model of good family relations that the people of the older generation often boasted about.

Lu Xingzhi, perhaps hearing her footsteps, looked up at Jiang Yao. Mr. Lu then looked up and smiled at her before saying, “Both of you will go to the city tomorrow, won’t you? I called your uncle earlier in the afternoon. He said that his driver will drive the car to the town in the morning. You can use the car to head to the city. Go to your uncle’s house for dinner when you’re back to the county and we will come home together after dinner.”

Jiang Yao nodded. “Okay.” Every time Lu Xingzhi returned home, the two families would definitely find some time to get together. Regardless of how busy Lu Haixing was, he would make time to meet his nephew.

“I have something to discuss with Dad. Why don’t you go upstairs to take a bath first?” Lu Xingzhi said gently as he saw Jiang Yao standing next to them with nothing to do. He intended to nudge her towards the stairs but retracted his hands before he did it.

All these tiny gestures went unnoticed. Jiang Yao nodded and greeted her father-in-law before heading to the stairs.

When the Lu family built this house, they specifically hired a feng shui master to assess the location, including the layout of the house. The entire house was exposed to the sun. Therefore, during the summer, one could still feel a heat wave blowing from the outside even in the evening.

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi’s room had an attached bathroom. She didn’t have to walk out of her room to use a bathroom. After the bath, which washed off all her sticky sweat, she felt refreshed.

This morning, when she woke up, Lu Xingzhi came back before she had the time to look around the room. After that, all her attention was on Lu Xingzhi and they were occupied the whole day. Finally, she had the leisure to tour her own room.

In fact, now that she took a closer look at their room, the interior layout, and its decoration, it gradually revealed Lu Xingzhi’s understanding of her preferences.

Before the wedding, the Lu family had asked her for her opinion on the renovation and design of their wedding room, even asking her to participate herself. However, she was so reluctant and resistant to the marriage that she treated herself like an outsider during the whole process.

Later, according to Lu Yuqing, Lu Xingzhi was in charge of the renovation and design himself, including selecting the furniture, the color and fabric of the curtains, and even the tiny ornaments on their desk and dresser. Every little items in the room had been bought by him from the city or county.

Although they had never sat down and discussed, every detail and feature in the room was in line with her preferences.

Jiang Yao was curious about what Lu Xingzhi was talking about with his father. However, she had always been taciturn in the house, locking herself in the room alone to read a book. So, even if she was curious and wanted to listen in on their conversation, she couldn’t find an excuse to do it. It would be even more awkward if she were to go downstairs and have nothing to say.

There was a tiny piece of paper sticking out of her drawer. It was the letter of admission that she had stuffed into the drawer at noon. Jiang Yao pulled it out, looked at it, and smiled.