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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 320 - Smash In

Chapter 320: Smash In

“Tell me, how did you do it?” Intrigued, Luo Ruoran asked.

Jiang Yao told everyone, without holding back, how she went and bought all the shares off the shareholders, pushing the price way down in the process.

She looked at the varied expressions after she was done talking, wondering if they were judging her for being so shrewd.

After all, doing business was like going to war. Victory always went to the ones that had the best tactics.

A while later, Liang Yueze commented, “Not bad.” Saying it nonchalantly, he was actually very impressed with Jiang Yao’s actions.

There was still plenty of room for improvement. However, for someone who was a stranger to running a business just weeks ago, Jiang Yao’s handling of the matter was very impressive.

With Liang Yueze’s acknowledgement, Jiang Yao grinned and felt better. As a very capable businessman and a big shot in the city, Liang Yueze surely understood that being ruthless was a trait highly sought after in the business world.

“This reminds me, I do not remember seeing Old General Liang yesterday?” Lu Xingzhi asked.

“Grandpa was suddenly called to a meeting a few days ago. He left two days ago to attend it. Nobody knows what the meeting is about. That’s why he could not make it to the wedding since he is out of the country now.” Liang Yueze explained. “Looking at his schedule, I suppose he will be back in three days’ time.”

Luo Ruoran laughed. “You cannot imagine how mad he was! He had been waiting for a long time for us to get married, and now he could not attend the wedding because of that meeting. He had a slight cold when he left and grandma was worried, but we could not contact him at all. Seems like the meeting has something to do with some highly classified information.”

Lu Xingzhi nodded. Even after retiring, Old General Liang was well-respected by the military, involving himself in plenty of matters at the request of the military.

After dinner, Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao strolled around Jindo City for two hours before leaving.

They were supposed to stay an extra night at Jindo City. However, Jiang Yao did not agree to it. She knew that Lu Xingzhi took only two days of leave, and figured it was better for them to return to the platoon a day earlier.

It was evening when they arrived at the platoon, Lu Xingzhi drove to the family building and parked his car there. Suddenly, they saw Ge Wenwen running down the stairs, with rage on her face.

Not expecting to see them both, she stood surprised at the stairway entrance. She picked up a stone on the ground and hurled it at Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao swiftly dodged it. The projectile hit the glass window of the car with a loud bang, before dropping onto the ground.

Shocked, Jiang Yao looked at the little girl. She had immense arm strength, probably because she grew up in the village. The glass was probably shattered, judging from the loud sound on impact.

Fortunately, a not-so-obvious scratch mark was all to be seen.

“This is reinforced bulletproof glass.” Lu Xingzhi raised his eyebrows. Any other regular car window would have shattered into a thousand pieces. The stone thrown was sizable, as big as Ge Wenwen’s fist. Thrown at such a short distance, one could imagine how hard the little girl had thrown it.