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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 318 - I Promise You

Chapter 318: I Promise You

“Last night, you hugged me and vowed to the moon, you said that you will never ever leave my side. You said that you will love the man named Lu Xingzhi for the rest of your life.” He was not happy. “Could all that be fake?”

“…” Jiang Yao was speechless.

Did she really say those nauseating words? Why did she have no memory of her saying that?

“What else did I say?” Jiang Yao asked softly.

“You said a lot of things. For example, I’m the most handsome guy in this world and you love me a lot.” Lu Xingzhi tried very hard to hold back his laughter but he was pretending to be very serious. “Do you have no memories of what you said yourself?”

Upon seeing Jiang Yao shake her head, he replied unhappily with a snort. “Do you still dare to drink next time?”

“No, I won’t.” Jiang Yao made a vow. She did not dare to do it again. She did not know that she would say something that was so nauseating when she was drunk.

However, those words were truly from the bottom of her heart. So, was she the type of person who would start pouring out all her thoughts hidden in her heart once she was drunk?

“Last night, you said that you like to bathe and sleep with me. You like the way I pamper you and love you.” When Lu Xingzhi said that, he stopped for two seconds to observe the facial expression on her face. He was satisfied when he saw the shocked expression on her face as if she was struck by lightning. He then said gently, “I promise you.”

“Promise what?” Jiang Yao had a blurry look on her face.

“To bathe and sleep together, to pamper you…” He dragged her into his arms and gently bit on her ear. “To love you.”

For unknown reasons, Jiang Yao always had a feeling that the phrase ‘love you’ that came out from Lu Xingzhi’s mouth was a verb.

Later that night, Lu Xingzhi did prove her conjecture with his action. That phrase was really a verb and he ‘loved’ her for the rest of the night, from midnight until the next morning.

The hotel room was located on the higher floors. That was why the room remained very quiet even though the hotel was located on the busy streets of Jindo City.

The thick curtains were airtight and they were blocking sunlight from entering the room. The room was in total darkness and the one on the bed was sleeping as if she had blacked out.

Jiang Yao was still sleeping when Lu Xingzhi came back from outside.

Last night, when she was drunk, she slept through half of the night and spent the rest of the night being ‘loved’ by him. That pained her so much that she needed to beg for his mercy while being under him. She only got to go back to sleep after the sun had risen.

“Jiang Yao, it’s time to wake up.” Lu Xingzhi sat on the side of the bed once he came through the door. The soft bed caved in a little. He softly called out the name of the woman who was still in her dreams. His eyes were exuding nothing but gentleness.

Jiang Yao woke up with a yawn. When she noticed that Lu Xingzhi had already changed into his usual outfit and was sitting on the side while staring at her, she sat up immediately out of surprise. She turned her head around and looked in the direction of the window. “What time is it? Are you going back to your platoon?” After saying so, she touched her stomach. “I’m a bit hungry, why don’t you go back after having breakfast?”

She then stared at Lu Xingzhi with her eyes wide open while waiting for his answer.

“It’s already eleven o’clock, so you should say, go back after having lunch.” When Lu Xingzhi was answering her question, he stood up and pulled the curtains open, leaving only the yarn curtains hanging there. Jiang Yao could not get used to the sudden burst of sunlight and closed her eyes immediately.

“I asked Yueze and the others out for lunch today. The few of us didn’t even have the time to have a good talk yesterday at the wedding dinner.” Lu Xingzhi took out her clean clothes from the luggage bag one by one. “Although it’s sunny today but the wind is strong. Remember to bring along the coat you bought yesterday.”