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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 317 - Take His Revenge

Chapter 317: Take His Revenge

After that, he was hugging her in his arms. She was as obedient as a kitten when she was curled up in his arms. When he asked her to kiss him, she would kiss him as he wished. She would kiss wherever his finger pointed at.

However, things almost went sexual in the end but the good thing was he managed to control his desires.

Nonetheless, he made a firm decision. From that day onward, he was the only one who could ever tease and mess around with his wife if she were drunk.

Upon hearing the answer from Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao was still observing his facial expressions doubtfully. However, she felt slightly relieved when she did not see any traces of him getting annoyed. The truth was, she herself did not even know how awful she would look like once she got drunk.

“Was I bothering you too much and you can’t get any sleep?” Jiang Yao remembered that Lu Xingzhi spoke to her the moment she opened her eyes. It was clear that he had not fallen asleep.

“No.” Lu Xingzhi shook his head. He did not tell her that he was enchanted by the look of her sleeping and was not willing to sleep.

Jiang Yao scratched her head. She could not tell whether Lu Xingzhi was telling the truth or he was lying to her.

She then flipped open her blanket. When she was about to sit up, Lu Xingzhi pressed her back into the bed.

“What are you doing?” Lu Xingzhi was using his big long leg, pressing it straight onto Jiang Yao’s waist. “What are you trying to do in the middle of the night instead of sleeping?”

“I’m thirsty…” Jiang Yao explained helplessly, “I woke up because I’m thirsty.”

Lu Xingzhi covered her once more with the blanket and got off the bed himself. He did understand that it was natural for people who were drunk to get thirsty in the middle of the midnight.

The good thing was there were bottles of mineral water in the hotel room. He grabbed one from the shelf and passed it to Jiang Yao after he twisted it open.

Jiang Yao was really thirsty. Once she took over the bottle of water, she lifted her head and gulped it down like a water buffalo. When she noticed that Lu Xingzhi was staring at her, she squinted her eyes and smiled at him.

“Since you’re awake, let’s do something else.” Lu Xingzhi flipped open the blanket and sat back onto the bed.

That statement almost made Jiang Yao choke on the water.

“Something else… what?” Jiang Yao twisted the lid back on and placed the bottle on the nightstand. She could sense that Lu Xingzhi’s eyes were following her movement. She got so shy that she did not dare to turn her head over.

He could just do it if he wanted to, why did he have to say it out loud? How embarrassing was that?

“Someone called me a stingy guy last night.” Lu Xingzhi curved up the corner of his lips ever so slightly that it was hard to notice. He did not know why she was shy all of a sudden but she most probably got the wrong idea.

However, he made her get the wrong idea on purpose. It was interesting to mess around with her sometimes even though she was fully awake at that time.

Jiang Yao was stunned and it took her quite some time to react.

So, was that the reason why he wanted to do something else with her? In order to get his revenge?

So, what was she thinking just now?

As for calling him a stingy guy, Jiang Yao did have some memories of it. She remembered scolding Lu Xingzhi as one.

“Jiang Yao, am I that stingy in your heart?” Lu Xingzhi asked her in a serious manner.

“How is that possible…” Jiang Yao turned her head around immediately and shook her head at Lu Xingzhi. “I was drunk last night, why would you argue with a drunk person? You can’t trust the words of a drunkard!”

“I believe that people who are drunk speak the truth.” He replied gently, “You said that you love me last night. So does that mean that I still can’t believe what you say when you are drunk?”

What exactly did she do last night when she was drunk?

The one who praised her for being obedient just now was trying to take his revenge on her. What else did she say when she was drunk last night?