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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 316 - You Are Very Obedient

Chapter 316: You Are Very Obedient

Just like what he had always thought, that name was the loveliest name in the world.

Yaoyao, his Yaoyao.

The lover whom he had engraved into his bones, the one who was irreplaceable in his life.

A knock on the door interrupted the two who were staring at each other. Lu Xingzhi stood up and opened the door. He took over the hangover soup sent to their room by the waiter.

The woman on the bed sat up lazily but she did not get down from her bed. She gently opened her eyelids and looked at the thing he was holding in his hands. When she realized that it was not something that she was interested in, she fell straight back into her bed again.

Lu Xingzhi asked Jiang Yao to wake up and drink the hangover soup gently, treating her like his own daughter. Only then, he went to the bathroom and filled up the bathtub. By the time he was done filling it up, Jiang Yao had already gone back to sleep with all her limbs stretched out.

That sleeping position indicated that she was completely defenseless. She was just like a stubborn little kid. Lu Xingzhi could not bear to wake her up.

That night was a peaceful night. The breeze was gentle, the sky was clear and the moon was bright. Tomorrow’s Jindo City must be blessed with good weather.

Jiang Yao woke up at midnight due to thirst. Once she opened her eyes, she heard Lu Xingzhi’s voice.

“You’re awake?”

Taken aback, she turned around to have a look at the man beside her and saw that he was half naked. The blanket was only partially covering his waist. He was lying on his side. His eyes were clear, as if he did not just wake up.

“What time is it?” Jiang Yao felt that some pieces of her memories were missing.

She remembered that she went to a private room alongside Lu Xingzhi to have some fun after the dinner which ended around nine o’clock. However, she could not remember what she did and what time they came back. She could not remember the details.

She noticed that she had changed into the pyjamas that she brought along. Also, she felt that her whole body was clean and comfy, even the makeup on her face had been removed perfectly but she had no memory of her bathing before she went to bed.

“It’s three twenty-one and thirty four seconds in the morning.” Lu Xingzhi glanced at the watch that he had placed on the nightstand and told her the precise time.

He paused and then said, “Don’t ever drink again! If you want to drink, you must get my permission, and I must be with you.”

The truth was, she looked so flirty when she was drunk. What if someone else saw her being drunk and tried to take advantage of her? How could he let that happen?

“Did I drink last night?” Question marks were popping on top of Jiang Yao’s head.

“It’s cherry wine, not cherry juice.” Lu Xingzhi took the chance and educated Jiang Yao. “Those imported cherry wine do taste like juice but the alcohol content is nowhere lower than normal red wine. Moreover, the hangover you get is stronger than normal red wine.”

Jiang Yao’s head went blank. She scratched her head. “No wonder I felt that the world was spinning last night.” She was, without a doubt, a lightweight. She was the kind of person who would start to feel dizzy even when she had only gotten a whiff of alcohol.

“Did I drink a lot last night? Did I do something outrageous?” Jiang Yao was starting to get curious about what happened after she got drunk. She witnessed cases of people embarrassing themselves after they got drunk. People who would start to nag after they were drunk were not considered the serious cases. She had seen people who would pee anywhere that they set their eyes on or even start to shout and go crazy when they were drunk. Those were very embarrassing.

“No, you’re very obedient.” Lu Xingzhi told her the truth. Jiang Yao was indeed obedient even when she was drunk.

When he was helping her to bathe, she would raise her arms up when he told her to do so. She would go into the bathtub herself when he told her to as well. She would then stare at him with an innocent look and wait for his next instruction. If he were to not say anything, she would just sit there and lock her eyes on him.

When he took off his shirt and put one of his legs into the bathtub, she would make space for him too. When there was water flowing out of the bathtub, she even took it seriously and started a discussion with him about whether the bathtub was too small.