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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 314 - A Cute Wife

Chapter 314: A Cute Wife

Weiqi and Xuyao looked at Gu Haoyu all confused. Both of them then started causing a commotion saying that Gu Haoyu was biased toward Ruoran by giving her wine without giving them any.

Lu Xingzhi smiled faintly and his eyes met with Liang Yueze’s. Lu Xingzhi understood Liang Yueze just like Yueze understood him.

If a subtle person like him were to say that sentence, it must have a hidden meaning. Perhaps, this cherry wine had another story behind it.

“Ahem, ahem… Erm…” Luo Ruoran’s face was slightly flushed. She took a chair and sat down in front of the men. She glanced at the drunk Jiang Yao and asked Lu Xingzhi, “Should we ask the waiter for some hangover soup?”

“We have already ordered some. They should be preparing it now,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Don’t!” Weiqi waved at Luo Ruoran. “Ruoran, you don’t know how interesting Jiang Yao is when she’s drunk! She is just like a four or five-year-old kid, she’s very funny.”

Weiqi received his buddy, Xingzhi’s glare before he started demonstrating in front of Yueze and Ruoran.

“Jiang Yao! Jiang Yao!” The intoxication from the fruit wine was very strong. If Jiang Yao was just a little drunk back when they were waiting for the elevator, she would be completely drunk by now.

Even though she looked energetic with her eyes wide open, her eyes were only fixed on Lu Xingzhi. In the whole private room, it was as if she could only see Lu Xingzhi among the crowd. If they wanted to talk to her, they needed to call her out loud by her ears until she responded.

“What?” Jiang Yao only responded unhappily after a few seconds. She appeared scornful toward Weiqi who was making noise, and she mumbled, “You’re so annoying…”

Luo Ruoran burst out laughing. By looking at Jiang Yao’s response, she knew how much Weiqi had done to annoy the drunk wife of Xingzhi before she and Liang Yueze arrived.

Zhou Weiqi did not feel mad either. Instead, he laughed cheekily. “Jiang Yao! Jiang Yao! Who is the most handsome among us?”

“Lu Xingzhi…” She dragged the words lazily for a long time. She was gentle and soft, and it caused ripples in their hearts.

“Nonsense! I am clearly the most good-looking one!” Weiqi countered.

Then, the soft and gentle voice retorted immediately with a clear-cut sentence. “You’re ugly! You’re very ugly!”

“Hah! How protective is she!” Luo Ruoran laughed with tears brimming in her eyes. She then asked, “Do you love Lu Xingzhi?”

This time, she did not answer. However, the head, which was leaning on Lu Xingzhi’s arm, nodded gently.

“Did you see that! Jiang Yao’s drunk look is cute enough, right?” It was as if Weiqi had found a new toy. “The drunk Jiang Yao is especially clingy to Xingzhi. She wants to sit by Xingzhi’s side and she wants Xingzhi to hug her. Most importantly, she is excellent in being coquettish!”

If it were not for Jiang Yao who had accidentally drunk too much tonight, Lu Xingzhi might have never found out about Jiang Yao’s cuteness when she is drunk.

Good girl, such a good girl. She answered every single question. However, she would not answer all of them properly. She would also glare at you unhappily and lose her temper while letting out a hmph, besides arguing with you.

The most important reason for Lu Xingzhi to be genuinely happy was, when she was drunk, she would be more dependent on him and more clingy to him.

When Weiqi annoyed her until she was unhappy, she would stand up and move to a seat far away from him besides showing a ‘I don’t want to talk to you’ face. If Weiqi were to continue bombarding her with questions, she would use a coquettish voice to tell Weiqi that she was angry and refuse to talk to him! If he continued to annoy her, she would let Xingzhi give him a good beating!