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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 311 - Not Drunk

Chapter 311: Not Drunk

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yao’s hand for the rest of the wedding, not wanting to let go at all. Her being by his side was bound to raise questions. Lu Xingzhi, as always, gave a short and concise answer.

“She is my wife.”

A simple yet clear statement. He did not, however, introduce her. Nobody asked further questions either, understanding that he was trying to protect her by not divulging any unnecessary information.

From time to time, somebody would come up and give the couple a toast. Lu Xingzhi passed a glass of fruit wine to Jiang Yao, reminding her to only take a small sip after the toast.

“Okay.” She held the glass close to her nose and sniffed it. She then took a quick sip, tasting the full flavor of the beverage. ‘Isn’t this just a glass of fruit juice?’ Jiang Yao thought, ‘Why did he insist that I only take a tiny sip of it?’

Wanting to quench her thirst, she took a swig and finished the entire glass of “fruit juice”. It tasted amazing, just like any fresh juice.

The wedding dinner ended at nine o’clock. Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran stayed back at the hall with their respective parents, talking to the guests and thanking them for attending the wedding. The rest of his brothers were ushered up the eighth floor to a reserved karaoke room.

Lu Xingzhi sensed that something wrong with Jiang Yao the moment they left the banquet hall. Her steps were light, and she was slumping against him the entire time they were walking.

“What’s going on? Are you sick?” Lu Xingzhi placed his hand on Jiang Yao’s forehead.

It felt very warm to the touch. Was it a fever?

“I am okay. I feel like everything around me is spinning though. Weird,” Jiang Yao replied softly. “Don’t let me lose my footing, alright?”

“Did she have too much to drink?” Chen Xuyao, who was waiting by the elevator, asked Lu Xingzhi.

“I did not drink any alcohol; it was only cherry juice.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

Hearing that, all chatter stopped and nobody else muttered a word.

Finally, Yannie could not hold it in and broke into a laugh, “The juice that you drank, was it black and sweet?”

“Yes! Lu Xingzhi gave it to me.” Jiang Yao nodded and answered sincerely.

She did not taste any alcohol in the fruit juice that was given to her.

Moreover, she had never been drunk in her entire life.

The only time she drank was during her wedding. Even then, she only took a sip.

She did not know what it was like to be drunk since she had no experience.

Remembering the fruit juice she had, Jiang Yao tugged on Lu Xingzhi’s sleeve. She tiptoed and moved her mouth closer to his ears, wanting to whisper.

She lost her balance and accidentally nipped his earlobe. Not being able to control herself though, she gave it a few good licks before moving her face away.

“Buy me some of that cherry juice when we go back. It is really good, I think Wen Xuehui will like it too!”