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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 309 - Stay Out of It

Chapter 309: Stay Out of It

The man in the mirror walked closer and wrapped his arms around Jiang Yao’s waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. Without saying anything, he gave her a peck on her lower jaw.

“I don’t see a love rival here,” Lu Xingzhi said nonchalantly. “I have no feelings for her at all.”

He lifted his head and turned her around, facing him.

At that moment, he had the sudden urge to kiss her. To which he did.

He was the happiest guy on Earth right now.

His big brother, Liang Yueze, got to finally marry his longtime sweetheart. The woman who ignored him for an entire year felt jealous and got mad at another woman’s advances on himself.

Lu Xingzhi liked Jiang Yao’s temperament, or rather, he wanted her to keep at it.

They both needed each other, that was how deeply connected they were in the relationship.

His kiss came unexpectedly.

Neither gentile nor forceful, his lips connected with hers. He sucked on it, trying to suffocate her with his passion.

Instinctively, Jiang Yao responded. For the past month, the increasingly frequent intimacy they shared allowed her to react accordingly.

She never told him how much she liked kissing him, seeing only herself in those sharp and bright eyes of his.

In the military, Lu Xingzhi belonged to his platoon. But when he kissed her, he belonged only to her.

Back at the banquet hall, seeing Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao leave through the side door, Liang Yueze called for Yannie, wanting to know what happened.

After hearing that Chen Feitang managed to talk to Jiang Yao one-on-one, and that both Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi left the hall right after, Liang Yueze could no longer hide his irritation.

“Chen Feitang, right?” Luo Ruoran stirred her glass of fruit wine and chuckled. “That lady is a character; do you think Jiang Yao can prevail?”

“I don’t know what that lady told Jiang Yao. All I know is that she looked angry when Brother Lu led her out of the hall. I hope they don’t start quarreling.” Zhou Weiqi looked at Chen Feitang, who had her back turned against them, with fury in his eyes. Why did she go and talk to Jiang Yao then?

If they started fighting here at the wedding, the whole issue would spiral out of control, ruining everybody’s night.

“Should I go look for them?” Gu Haoyu, who had the least interaction with Jiang Yao, offered his help.

“No.” Liang Yueze stopped him. “Let us not interfere in a married couple’s quarrel.”

He then called out to Luo Ruoran, who was winking and making faces at Gu Haoyu, to make a toast with the rest of the wedding guests.

Gu Haoyu was probably the person with the best temper among the brothers. He was never seen in anger, always calm and collected, just like a breeze in a hot summer’s day.