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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 306 - I Don’t Like Her

Chapter 306: I Don’t Like Her

It was times like this that Chen Feitang hated her sharp observation skills.

“Earlier at the Liang family’s mansion I heard from Zhou Weiqi that you have no desire to join the military?” Chen Feitang asked. She straightened her back when she spoke about the army. “Frankly speaking, being a soldier does not affect our abilities to care for our family. Do you still think it is demanding?”

Not waiting for a reply, she continued, “To be honest, it actually is very challenging to be one. There were times when I wanted to quit so bad, even then I had the whole Chen family supporting me. However, Lu Xingzhi started with absolutely nothing. Do you know how much he sacrificed to get to where he is today?”

Jiang Yao was not sure; she had only seen Lu Xingzhi’s body marked by countless scars.

“Lu Xingzhi was an outstanding student back then; nobody knew that he worked extremely hard to get to where he is though. Plenty of people say that I am very competitive, but he is even more so. I can settle for being second place, but for Lu Xingzhi, he wanted to be the best in everything. It is either a first-place victory or a defeat for him, nothing else.”

Jiang Yao furrowed her brows. Her good impression of Chen Feitang was gone just like that.

She hated how the woman standing in front of her kept on mentioning her husband’s name.

“I still remember our shooting competition back then. Wanting to break the school record, Lu Xingzhi spent the entire week at the shooting range. Even though the sun was scorching, he was not affected at all. I saw him…”

“Ms. Chen.”

Chen Feitang was suddenly interrupted by a voice.

The voice was filled with deep ire and extreme annoyance. Along with it, the facial expression of the speaker darkened with every passing second.

“Ms. Chen, I do not need a stranger to tell my wife her husband’s story. I can do it myself.”

Lu Xingzhi grabbed Jiang Yao and went off, leaving Chen Feitang, who was trying to decipher what he said, all alone.

“Stranger? We went on so many missions together…” She laughed to herself, feeling helpless about what had just happened.

After walking for a while, Jiang Yao angrily shook her hand off Lu Xingzhi’s, “I thought you were drinking elsewhere, why are you here now?”

Lu Xingzhi did not notice Jiang Yao’s mood change. He replied, “Yannie told me to come over.”

Even though she was still a teenager, Yannie had a pretty high social awareness. She went over to Lu Xingzhi and told him that Chen Feitang was talking to Jiang Yao alone. He rushed over once he heard about it.

“Lu Xingzhi, Chen Feitang likes you!” Jiang Yao was furious. She turned her back against him, as the sight of Lu Xingzhi reminded her of Chen Feitang. That woman! What a tramp!


Lu Xingzhi did not tell her about Chen Feitang beforehand and she went on to declare her admiration of Chen Feitang publicly. Jiang Yao felt like a complete idiot.

Commending her love rival’s appearance in front of so many people. The more Jiang Yao thought about it, the more her resentment turned into embarrassment.

“So?” Lu Xingzhi finally sensed Jiang Yao’s anger. He grabbed both her shoulders and turned her a hundred eighty degrees over to face him. In a serious tone, he said, “I don’t like her.”