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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 305 - She Saw It

Chapter 305: She Saw It

Growing up with these same people, Luo Ruoran laughed at the outlandish question. She retorted, “How about an entire company? Or an entire division, do you think that’s enough?”

Mrs. Liang broke into a chuckle hearing that. She gave Luo Ruoran a playful slap on her back, “Miss! Do you see yourself as a sow giving birth to a litter of piglets?”

“Mum! You always say that you want to be a grandmother. I am just doing as you wish, but instead I got a slap on my back as a reply?” Luo Ruoran held Mrs. Liang’s hand and continued, “How about three? Just perfect for a full Mahjong round with you after your retirement.”

To the uninitiated, Mrs. Liang and Luo Ruoran seemed like a pair of very devoted mother and daughter. After all, Luo Ruoran grew up under the watch of Mrs. Liang.

At the mention of children, Mrs. Liang turned to look at Liang Yuekai, who was in the middle of a conversation with Liang Yueze. Her gaze then shifted until it stopped at her wife, who was busy talking to the guests.

Mrs. Liang could not help but worry about this couple. They had been married for quite some time, yet there was no indication whatsoever on wanting to have a child.

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhe left earlier to the hotel. They had a room booked for the night as well. Arriving earlier at the hotel gave them time to get dressed. Plus, they wanted to do a last-minute check on the wedding preparation and venue layout.

The wedding dinner started at half-past five. Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi arrived at the venue, all dressed up, a little over four o’clock to make sure that the food and decorations were all ready for the wedding. The Liang family and Luo family arrived a little before five o’clock.

Having gone overseas for her studies, Luo Ruoran was not too fond of the traditional wedding dinner. The wedding dinner was planned according to her ideas, simple and casual, just like a party.

Lu Xingzhi and the rest were asked by Liang Yueze to drink on his behalf once the dinner started. Jiang Yao stayed with the bride—Luo Ruoran—and started chatting with Liang Yueze’s sixteen-year old little cousin, Yannie.

Even though she was only sixteen-year old, she was very outspoken and expressive, an impressive conversationalist for her age. When Luo Ruoran left to toast with Liang Yueze, Jiang Yao hung out with Yannie.

Both were only three years apart in age, it stood to reason that they would have the same interests. Although, listening to Yannie talking about celebrity gossip and their various scandals, Jiang Yao could feel her head swelling up with all the information.

After listening for some time though, Jiang Yao got distracted and started daydreaming.

“Ms. Jiang.” Jiang Yao was holding her plate up in a daze when Chen Feitang saw her.

“Ms. Feitang.” Yannie greeted her right away.

“Yannie, I need to talk to Ms. Jiang for a while. Why don’t you go to your aunt’s?” Still suited up in her uniform, Chen Feitang looked out of place at the wedding dinner.

Her eyes twitched seeing Jiang Yao’s dress, what surfaced in her mind was the embroidery that was on Lu Xingzhi’s tie and sleeve cuffs.

These minor details were unnoticeable to the rest, but she saw it.