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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 304 - I refuse!

Chapter 304: I refuse!

Zhou Weiqi rubbed the back of his head, trying to soothe the pain and fix his hairdo—he spent the entire morning styling it. “Where? Where is it? Is it still there?” Clutching on to Chen Xuyao, he shoved his head closer, wanting Chen Xuyao to take a look at it.

After listening to Zhou Weiqi, Jiang Yao felt a greater sense of admiration toward Chen Feitang. She wondered if her martial arts skills obtained from the Medical System was enough to protect herself against the outside world.

Where could she go to test out her newly-learned skills?

“Weiqi!” Jiang Yao called out. “Do you know why Chen Feitang wanted to join the military? She looked so dapper in her uniform!”

“Ever since she was a little girl, she was a fiercely independent character,” Zhou Weiqi explained. “She was the only girl, the only daughter, in her father’s family. Her grandfather named her right after she was born. Do you know what it was?”

“What?” Jiang Yao asked.

It was at that moment that Chen Xuyao interrupted their conversation. He was annoyed as he said, “Come on, both of you, cut it out. Why is she the topic of your conversation? Anyone else would have thought that something fishy is going on here! Jiang Yao, are you trying to cheat on Brother Lu with that lady?!”

Jiang Yao knew that Chen Xuyao was playfully teasing her. She walked toward Lu Xingzhi and clung onto him, saying, “I only have pure admiration for that lady, I think she is amazing!”

“If you want to join the military, you could have studied at the Army Medical University. Plus, you can graduate as an army surgeon with a military title. Imagine yourself in the uniform, I bet you will look stunning! Brother Lu, why don’t you help her transfer school to the university?”


“I refuse!”

The couple dismissed the idea simultaneously.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi and explained, “I am not looking down on the career prospect of a military personnel. I simply feel that it is just too exhausting for me. I want to be a good wife and mother to our family while you are out there protecting the country.”

“You have a good point there!” Chen Xuyao chimed in.

Lu Xingzhi was utterly pleased listening to Jiang Yao’s opinion. However, his stoic appearance did little to betray his thoughts, save for his gentle gaze.

“I will do everything I can for the future of our family. With you here taking care of the family, I feel so much better.”

En route to the Liang family’s mansion, they had a great time talking to each other, laughing every so often.

Mrs. Liang was amazed at the group’s high spirits when they arrived. Curious, she asked Zhou Weiqi what happened during the journey here.

“We were talking about Brother Lu and Jiang Yao’s children! She mentioned how good-looking Chen Feitang was in her uniform. I suggested that she become an army surgeon, but both refused the idea,” Zhou Weiqi explained. Trying to contain his laughter in fits, he continued, “Jiang Yao said that she wanted to give birth to Brother Lu’s child once she graduates.”

“What a chatterbox!” Chen Xuyao gave Zhou Weiqi a light kick in the shins and called out to Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran standing just a feet away, “I think Brother Liang and Ms. Luo should be the first to have kids! Come on Ruoran, how many children would you like to have?”