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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 302 - Chen Feitang

Chapter 302: Chen Feitang

“Chen Feitang is Chen Feibai’s cousin, and she is more promising than he is. She’s the only female military officer in this, and the previous generation. Back when I was still studying, we were in the same military school. Also, she was a batch younger than me and that’s it. What’s weird between her and me?” Lu Xingzhi explained.

“So she’s related to Chen Feibai!” Jiang Yao laughed. “Chen Feibai was the person I recalled when I heard her name!”

Jiang Yao could clearly tell that Lu Xingzhi was treating Chen Feitang way too coldly, or in other words, he was distancing himself from her on purpose. However, when she found out that Chen Feitang was Chen Feibai’s cousin, Jiang Yao finally understood everything.

There was an old Chinese saying that went like this, ‘When a man loves a woman, he will love everything related to her as well.’ In contrast, when a man hates someone, it might result in his total hatred of the people and things around that individual.

Jiang Yao assumed that Chen Feibai was the reason why Lu Xingzhi treated Chen Feitang like that. It was all because Lu Xingzhi did not like Chen Feibai, so he did not like Chen Feibai’s cousin as well.

“How about Big Brother Liang and his wife?” Jiang Yao asked. “Big Brother Liang looked like he meant it when he said that his wife was blind, even his wife took it seriously.”

“Both of them…” It was a rare scene to witness Lu Xingzhi showing more than one emotion on his face. “It was a political marriage between two families. According to what I heard from Yueze, Big Brother Liang’s wife had a lover before she married him but their relationship was cut off because of her family. After countless failed attempts to resist her family’s order, she was forced to marry Big Brother Liang in the end.”

Therefore, two individuals who had no feelings for each other were tied together due to their families. That was probably the reason why even when their bodies were tied together, their souls had never met, no wonder the interaction between Big Brother Liang and his wife was weird.

Jindo City in October was no longer hot. The sun was high up in the sky but it only made people feel warm.

Jiang Yao asked a few questions like a curious child. After getting all her answers, she only sighed and continued to walk alongside Lu Xingzhi, accompanying him for a walk.

In actual fact, Lu Xingzhi was quiet most of the time. If she did not ask in the first place or speak up first, he would remain silent as he was used to it.

In contrast, Jiang Yao was very talkative most of the time. Before she was married to Lu Xingzhi, she was the one who brought laughter to her family members. She had been good with her words ever since she was a child and everyone adored her very much.

Long ago, way before she had seen his will and before she had seen the time when he saved her life without concern over his own, she once disliked him for not knowing how to play with his words or sweet-talk her. She hated his deadpan personality.

However, as for now, she was walking under the sun with him by her side. Even if both of them did not say a word, they did not feel awkward at all. There was not any uneasiness between them even when the surrounding atmosphere was very much silent.

She was mimicking his footsteps. She started off with the left foot and then the right foot. He adjusted his walking speed to suit her little steps so he was not walking at a fast pace. For a game that even a three-year-old might not be fond of, she was addicted to it.

It took a long while for Lu Xingzhi to notice that Jiang Yao was putting all her attention onto his legs. As he witnessed her trying to mimic the way he walked while walking side-by-side with him, his lips curved up silently.

She was indeed a nineteen-year-old little girl who had not fully grown up and she really knew how to have fun. To his surprise, she did not complain to him for not opening his mouth.

Jiang Yao was enjoying herself so much that she did not notice that Lu Xingzhi was observing her. She lowered her head and hid a smile. She was using her own way to measure the weight and length of all the steps he made.