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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 292 - How Does It Feel?

Chapter 292: How Does It Feel?


Jiang Yao gave his hand a hard slap.

“Stop it!” She panicked. “Do not open it! It is a packet of itchy powder. You will grow itchy rashes all over your body even if a tiny bit gets on you!”

Jiang Yao was not able to test the itchy powder’s effectiveness. However, from the lab results, the refinement was a success. According to the complete herbology collection, a little bit of the powder was enough to make someone break out in itchy rashes.

Initially, she made it out of curiosity.

Her interest soon got the better of her, and she found herself looking at plenty of strange medicine to work on, such as paralyzing lotions and knockout drops. These were the easier recipes to work on, surprisingly.

“Itchy powder?” Lu Xingzhi only then noticed the scribbles on the packet. “So, this was what your school has been teaching for the past month?”

“Not at all.” Jiang Yao retorted. She left all the medicines intended for Lu Xingzhi behind, checking to make sure that she had taken the rest of her weird medicines back into her room.

When she came back out, she saw that the medicine meant for Lu Xingzhi was left untouched, while the rest was kept by him in the storage.

After bathing, Jiang Yao lay on the bed. The bed Lu Xingzhi slept on was rigid and tough, making it quite uncomfortable to sleep on at first.

Listening to the splashing sounds of water coming from the bathroom, Jiang Yao wrapped herself in his blanket, tossing and turning around. The bed was neither spacious nor comfortable like the one back home, but it overflowed with Lu Xingzhi’s scent.

Right here was Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao’s permanent residence. After spending this National Day holiday here, she was going to spend more time here with him in the future.

Coming out from the bathroom, Lu Xingzhi was wearing only a pair of pants. He was not wearing anything else, exposing his muscular upper torso.

He walked into the bedroom with his hands full. On one hand was a clean towel, and on the other hand was the medicine and some sterilized bandages. Seeing Jiang Yao lying on his bed, he smiled.

“Tired already?” He moved closer and gave her the medicine.

“Of course not!” Jiang Yao sat up shaking her head. Opening the packet of powdered medicine, she slathered some of them on his wound, and dressed it with the bandages. “How does it feel?”

Lu Xingzhi shook his head, expressing that he felt nothing.

Shortly after that though, the temperature around his wound started rising, making it warm to the touch. Trusting Jiang Yao’s ability, Lu Xingzhi chose not to ask any more questions.

Jiang Yao squinted at her husband standing in front of her. Why did she avoid this attractive man like the plague before her rebirth?

The bedroom lighting gave off a warm hue. Lu Xingzhi stood in front of her, blocking off some of that light with his huge physique. His towel covering part of his face, exposing bits of his gorgeous features—high and defined cheekbones, sharp jawline, and flawless skin.