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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 284 - Our Children

Chapter 284: Our Children

“Huh, what else? She’s the problem!” Lu Xingzhi growled, “First, she complained that taking care of her husband at the hospital would cost her more money on top of their mediocre financial capabilities. Then, she complained that she couldn’t leave her daughter in the house alone. The truth is, she can’t stand the smell of the hospital ward and feels that it is an exhaustive task to take care of her man for the whole day.”

Jiang Yao nodded, grasping the information. “You’re right. A six-year-old kid is not really an excuse for her to not go see her husband. If she really has no time, there are so many families in the base, they can look after the girl for a while. Besides, she’s already six years old, you just have to find someone to give her three meals a day, you don’t even have to watch her that closely.”

“Wenwen attends the kindergarten in the base, she doesn’t need anyone to look after her during the day.” Lu Xingzhi’s face turned into an ugly shade of grey when he talked about the girl. “Ge Wenwen is spoiled rotten by her mother. Mrs. Ge was at the hospital taking care of Mr. Ge on the first two days of his hospitalization, so she asked the neighbors downstairs to look after the girl. Just after two days, the two families had a big fight because of that girl, and now they’re not on speaking terms anymore.”

Jiang Yao watched as Lu Xingzhi’s face looked thunderous. For someone like Lu Xingzhi who eagerly wanted a child of his own, the girl must be very unpleasant and obnoxious to irritate him to this point.

She shook her head when she recalled Ge Wenwen stomping her feet stubbornly, demanding to check her bag for food. “Children’s early education is very important. Huang Chenchen, who is only three years old, is more sensible than the six-year-old Wenwen.”

Lu Xingzhi snorted as Jiang Yao mentioned Huang Chenchen once again. He also realized that she might really like children.

Hence, after pondering for a while, he decided to tell her about what Ge Wenwen did. He described the mother and daughter as a pair of willful chewing gums that they should avoid at all costs. It was also a reminder for her not to be too friendly to Ge Wenwen.

“Ge Wenwen was very rude and disrespectful when she stayed at the neighbor’s house. She went through their stuff without permission—wardrobe, drawers, closets, you name it. Some food that the family kept away because they wanted to ration them out were all eaten by her. She demanded scrambled eggs for lunch and meat for dinner. That day, when Mrs. Ge came back from the hospital, she witnessed the scene where Ge Wenwen was wailing because she couldn’t snatch food away from the neighbor’s children. Do you know what she did? She pointed her fingers at the neighbor, accusing them of bullying her child because of discrimination and that they were from the countryside. She accused them of not feeding her daughter. Next thing you know, they had a big fight and everything fell apart, they have not talked to each other ever since, and Mrs. Ge has not gone to the hospital since.”

Lu Xingzhi heaved a heavy sigh after the long explanation, not sure if the sigh was meant for Mrs. Ge and Ge Wenwen, or for Mr. Ge.

Jiang Yao, on the other hand, recoiled in shock, her eyes buldging out. Mrs. Ge was the nasty shrew that was unheard of.

“Lu Xingzhi, don’t worry, I promise you I will teach our children to be obedient and well-behaved in the future!” Jiang Yao uttered with determination.

Lu Xingzhi felt the gloomy cloud that was hovering above his head suddenly disperse, and it was replaced with a sunny sky.

“Okay, I know I can count on you when it comes to our children.”

He was genuinely surprised and overjoyed when he realized that she was serious in wanting to have children with him. She was not coaxing or comforting him about what she said before school started. In her heart, she really wanted to have children with him.

After hearing Lu Xingzhi’s response, Jiang Yao gasped inaudibly, realizing that she had blurted the thing about disciplining their children in the future without even thinking about it.

She blushed timidly and was trying to clarify that she was not so anxious about wanting a child, yet, the blossoming smile in Lu Xingzhi’s eyes made her curl her lips softly and lovingly.

“We’ll have a baby when I graduate. Do you like boys or girls?” Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi coyly.