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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 283 - Lacking in Common Sense

Chapter 283: Lacking in Common Sense

“Why were you standing in a daze just now before coming upstairs?” Jiang Yao asked as she opened the door for Lu Xingzhi.

“You’re very beautiful,” he answered sincerely, then only he noticed her hairstyle that she had set up meticulously. He stroked her head gently and said, “Your hair has grown longer now. I bet it will be longer than it is now during New Year’s Eve.”

“You said you like me with long hair, so I’m letting it grow.” Jiang Yao chuckled. She was a little surprised that Lu Xingzhi would say such a sweet thing. It was as sweet as honey even though it was just a simple ‘You’re very beautiful’.

Lu Xingzhi nodded earnestly, then asked her to put on her shoes. They were going to the cafeteria for dinner.

Before going out, he pressed her against the door and kissed her passionately for a while. But as soon as they were out the door, he did not even have the intention to walk with her hand in hand.

Jiang Yao was finally able to grasp Lu Xingzhi’s behavior. He was automatically in the ascetic mode whenever he was wearing his military uniform, but behind closed doors, he would instantly switch to the rogue mode.

However, he was reluctant to leave his wife in the cold. Although he did not hold her hand, he was walking side by side with her, their hands would brush against each other occasionally.

There was some distance between the family building to the cafeteria. As they were walking, Jiang Yao told him about Mrs. Ge’s visit.

“Honestly, I don’t like her. She’s greedy, selfish, and petty.”

Jiang Yao expressed her displeasure frankly as she felt that there was nothing she should hide or keep secret from Lu Xingzhi. She was able to state her real thoughts and opinions to him because she was absolutely certain that he would not see her as a narrow-minded person at all.

“She is somewhat lacking in common sense. You don’t have to mingle with her, just be polite and diplomatic, that’ll suffice.” Lu Xingzhi furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance upon the mention of Mrs. Ge.

“Just now, she came to our house with a handful of vegetables, saying that she was worried that I have nothing to eat tonight since I had just arrived, so I told her about the welcome feast. Do you know what was her response? She whined about not having a party for her and Wenwen when they first came here right in front of me.”

Jiang Yao continued, “Do you think she will be so petty that she complains to her husband later?”

“Not all army wives get to have a welcome feast,” Lu Xingzhi sneered in disdain. “The expenses for tonight’s party is from the Head’s own pocket money, and also because I have a great relationship with him.”

As for the vegetables, Lu Xingzhi found it very amusing and he was bewildered.

“The whole base knows that I don’t even have a bowl in my house and I never cook, how can she not know? She just went to you with the vegetables as a prop, she knew you wouldn’t take it,” he blurted without hesitation.

Jiang Yao was glad that Lu Xingzhi did not mind her whining, and that she did not stir up the hornets’ nest the moment she got here. Nonetheless, she grimaced in agitation when she learned about Mrs. Ge’s behavior of using vegetables as a prop.

“Head will just ignore her even if she throws a tantrum at her husband.” Lu Xingzhi squinted his eyes into a frown as he continued, “When she first came here, she had already caused a scene because she insisted that she wanted the farmhouse for her family’s accommodation. She liked it there with its large yard and a plot of land to do some farming, and also they didn’t have to climb the stairs all day long. But the problem was, the houses were fully occupied at the time. Eventually, she stopped her nonsensical shenanigans when the leader came forward and said that they would vacate a plot of land for those of us who are staying in the apartment building to do some farming.”

Jiang Yao was slightly taken aback. It seemed that Mrs. Ge’s combat power was really powerful.

“Oh yes, Mr. Ge is still at the hospital, isn’t he? How’s his injury? Is it serious? Why doesn’t his wife go take care of him at the hospital? Is there a reason I’m not aware of?” Jiang Yao was concerned about this. What kind of wife would stay at home and enjoy her life like nothing had happened when her husband had been hospitalized?

Upon mentioning the matter, Jiang Yao clearly felt a metaphorical cyclone slowly forming around Lu Xingzhi that was drastically lowering the pressure in their surroundings.