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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 282 - Impatient

Chapter 282: Impatient

“Mmm, it really is such a blessing that Sergeant Lu married you, you’re so diligent!” It seemed that Mrs. Ge did not understand Jiang Yao’s intention of making her leave, and had breached the topic herself, “That’s right, my husband is also a platoon leader under Sergeant Lu’s command, did you know that? My husband isn’t at home these days, not because he’s gone somewhere, but he’s lying in the hospital. Say, my husband went out with Sergeant Lu together, why did he get injured so badly? Looking at Sergeant Lu, he only had light injuries. Sergeant Lu is, in the end, my husband’s leader. I heard that your husband was also in charge of directing the platoon this time, and I’m not sure why, it was just my husband that had suffered such heavy injuries to the point where he needs to be lying in the hospital.”

Jiang Yao listened to Mrs. Ge’s blabbering, her eyes twitching violently in annoyance, and she laughed coldly, “If Mr. Ge is in the hospital, why are you not there taking care of him, Mrs. Ge? I understand that Mr. Ge really loves you, and isn’t willing to have you suffer at his side in the hospital. However, Mrs. Ge, as military spouses, we should be aware of the suffering that they go through. Although Mr. Ge will say that he doesn’t want you to take care of him, there are times when men put on a strong front and pretend. If you were to take care of him in the hospital, I’m sure he would be even happier.”

Seeing Mrs. Ge’s rapidly paling face and her expression, Jiang Yao felt indescribable satisfaction swelling inside her heart.

Mrs. Ge’s previous remarks were getting more and more excessive, she was crossing the line. The only thing she did not do was directly come out and say the words that she had implied with her words, which was why did Lu Xingzhi allow Mr. Ge, who had gone along with him on the mission to sustain heavy injuries, while he himself was fine?

The implication of Mrs. Ge’s words was that Mr. Ge’s injuries were due to Lu Xingzhi’s mistakes, and so Lu Xingzhi needed to be responsible for Mr. Ge’s injuries!

That was just absurd and crazy!

Why should her husband be wronged by others like this!

If she did not understand the relationship between Lu Xingzhi and Platoon Leader Ge, and for the sake of not wanting to cause any problems with Lu Xingzhi and his underling, she would really like to give Mrs. Ge a piece of her mind by saying ‘Is Platoon Leader Ge Lu Xingzhi’s son? Does he need to be protected by Lu Xingzhi everytime he goes out on a mission?’

“I’m really busy, Mrs. Ge.” Jiang Yao said impatiently. Not wanting to deal with her anymore, Jiang Yao went to the balcony to turn on the faucet and started to wash the clothes.

If this were not the base, Jiang Yao really would have just driven them out of the door.

To be neighbours with these kinds of people was like having rotten luck for eight lifetimes.

Also, what kind of person was Platoon Leader Ge, to have married such a wife. He could not be someone with the same mindset as Mrs. Ge, thinking that since he went out on a mission with Lu Xingzhi, that Lu Xingzhi was responsible for his injuries, right?

Mrs. Ge did not expect that Jiang Yao, who had a kind and gentle smile, would give her an expression like the one she had on now. Seeing that Jiang Yao had really started to wash the clothes, she could only take Wenwen’s hand and leave, her other hand still holding the vegetables that she had brought over. She left the same way that she had arrived.

After Mrs. Ge left, Jiang Yao watched the door opposite her close tightly, and she locked her own door without a moment’s delay.

It was dark when Lu Xingzhi came to pick up Jiang Yao, but it did not hinder his sight as the lights on the fifth floor’s balcony was turned on, and he could see Jiang Yao drying his clothes.

The light that came from the bulbs was a yellowish-orange color, shining on the small figure, it sent a wave of warmth through Lu Xingzhi’s heart at the sight.

That was his and Jiang Yao’s home, his wife had washed the dirty clothes that he had changed out of yesterday, and was drying them on the balcony.

After the petite woman had finished hanging up the laundry, she realized that the man was standing in a daze on the ground floor, looking up at her. Jiang Yao waved at him from her position on the balcony, a bright smile on her face, the warmth radiating from it was even warmer than the light that shone on her.