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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 279 - Socialise

Chapter 279: Socialise

In Lu Xingzhi’s point of view, Chen Feibai was basically rat droppings in the army. However, there were still people who had his back.

Climbing five floors for someone like Lu Xingzhi only took seconds, and thinking of Jiang Yao who was waiting for him at home, his steps were light as though he was walking on air.

Reaching the door, he stood outside for a few seconds, collecting himself and smoothing out his emotions and expression, before raising his hand to knock on the door.

When Jiang Yao opened the door, he walked straight in. There was no trace of the cold anger and tenseness in his person that he had displayed downstairs when he was reprimanding the people just now.

“You’re back.” Jiang Yao said, tilting her head to look outside. Not seeing anyone else there, she did not ask further either.

“The head is looking for me, so I’ll be out for a while. I’ll be back before dinner to bring you to the cafeteria, there’s going to be a welcome feast for you.” His voice was low and hoarse as usual, but it was laced with gentleness. It was hard to hide the fondness and the affection in his words when he spoke to her.

Jiang Yao was well aware of how busy Lu Xingzhi was, and she was not expecting him to be able to be by her side 24/7 for the duration of her stay here.

“Go on, go. I’ll find something to pass the time in my own home.” Jiang Yao said, nodding her head. After that small exchange in the room with Lu Xingzhi, her hair was still in a mess.

Moreover, Lu Xingzhi particularly liked to play with her hair. She had hurriedly combed down her hair before rushing out just now, so she did not know whether she looked strange or not at the moment.

Hearing her say ‘her own home’, Lu Xingzhi could not help the chuckle that escaped his mouth as he smiled. That she was well aware of what the place was meant to be, made him absolutely satisfied.

After Lu Xingzhi had left, the first thing Jiang Yao did was comb her hair. In the month that she let her hair grow out, the length was at an awkward length right now. Tying it up would look weird, letting it down would be too messy. With the thought that she would be heading out at night, she needed to settle on a style for it. Curling the front portion of her hair, and letting the rest down, it did not feel as messy as it did.

Jiang Yao noticed that the clothes Lu Xingzhi had worn yesterday were placed on the side in the bathroom, indicating that he probably did not have enough time to wash it.

Since she was here today and had nothing to do, she proceeded to head in with the intention to wash it.

She did not expect the doorbell to ring just as she had taken the clothes to the balcony.

Opening the door, she saw that it was Mrs. Ge who was holding her daughter, Wenwen’s, hand in hers. She was also holding some vegetables in her other hand.

“I remember Sergeant Lu saying that your name is Jiang Yao, yes? You’ve just arrived today, and wouldn’t have had time to get some groceries, right? Here’s some vegetables, don’t worry about it. Sergeant Lu knows about the situation in my home, and I can’t bring anything better.”

Mrs. Ge did not wait for Jiang Yao to invite her in when she proceeded to walk in, seeing that the house was fairly bare, she was surprised.

In the Ge family’s house, the floor and the walls were not painted or tiled, and they barely had any furniture, and was similarly empty. However, that was natural given that the Ge family was not well off. However, Mrs. Ge had been in the base for a couple of months, and she already knew that Sergeant Lu’s family was wealthy. She had also heard that his wife was studying in college, and had thought that his house would have a lot of good things.

It was a pity that Sergeant Lu’s personality was so cold, and he basically did not socialise much with anyone, so Mrs. Ge had not had a chance to visit his place ever since she had moved in.

With the salary and condition of Sergeant Lu’s family, she had expected the house to be beautifully decorated.

So when she walked in the place, she had quite a surprise. The walls and floors were definitely better than her own, but it really was quite empty.

Jiang Yao looked at Mrs. Ge who was still holding the vegetables in her hand and had invited herself in, truthfully she was feeling dumbfounded at the situation, as she had never dealt with people like Mrs. Ge before.