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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 272 - Accomodation

Chapter 272: Accomodation

Lu Xingzhi had originally thought that such a wound would be healed in a few days’ time, but he was over-enthusiastic in training the other day, and had reopened the wound. The wound had just begun to scab over today, and it still looked quite ugly, the skin around it also looked horrifying. If he were to take off his clothes, he was afraid that Jiang Yao would cry and feel disgusted by it. He would not be able to cope with her reaction if that were the case, hence he was doing his best to keep it from her.

When it was night-time, he thought that with the lights off, she would not be able to see it.

Jiang Yao did not expect that after all they had been through, he would still try to hide something like this. She felt her heart clench uncomfortably at the thought.

She let out a dissatisfied sound in his arms, her heart a wave of anger as she pushed away from him angrily, huffing, “Fine, try your hardest to keep up your lies then! Don’t take off your clothes even when we sleep tonight, if you can do that!”

Lu Xingzhi could not understand why Jiang Yao was so confident that he was injured, he thought that he had been flawless in covering up since the moment they met up. Even when she had touched it by accident a short while ago, he thought that his cover up had been perfect.

Seeing that Jiang Yao had really lost her temper, Lu Xingzhi regretted that he had so vehemently denied his injury, now he could no longer change the act he started.

While he was wondering how to handle the sleeping arrangements later, Jiang Yao left the bedroom and had wandered into the living room.

“How long have you been living here? It feels very empty and bare.” The kitchen looked untouched, not even a single bowl in it. There was a dining table in the living room, and a few fairly old chairs. The only other thing in the room was the radio that he had placed on it previously.

The other room had a few more things, and it seemed to have been turned into a study. There were rows of books on the shelves, mostly military-related books, but there were also some fairly famous novels and other books mixed in it.

If you did not know anything, you would think that Lu Xingzhi was a poor man with no money, looking at the rooms. The rooms were casual, whether inside or outside. He really was not picky about the place that he lived in.

Jiang Yao picked up a book and turned a few pages, glancing at the words on the page, she said, “I didn’t think that you’d like these kinds of books, can’t see a speck of literary art in your bones at all.”

“I haven’t read it, when I was browsing for books in the city, I picked it up because I remembered that you like those.” Lu Xingzhi replied, his answer sincere this time.

Even though it was indirect, he was telling Jiang Yao that the books were bought for her.

“I moved in about half a year ago, at that time, I was thinking that you would be studying in Jindo City, and we could stay here over the weekends. I didn’t really bother furnishing the place, I’d thought that you’d want to arrange it to your liking when you came over.”

That was the reason why the bedroom did not even have any curtains, Lu Xingzhi had thought that Jiang Yao could furnish and decorate the place according to her liking when she came over.

That was why, when he came in, all he did was paint the walls and fix the floor tiles. Nothing else was done in terms of renovations or decorations, even the furniture had been moved over from the old dormitory he had been staying in.

“When the platoon was assigning the accommodations to me, they assigned me to the older place.” Lu Xingzhi thought about it, and Jiang Yao would eventually hear about it anyway, so he decided to explain, “The older place is basically joint houses beside each other, one for each family. Although there is a large yard, and you even have space to plant vegetables in the backyard, the sound proofing isn’t great. It’s always noisy, and dirty, and there are also insects, mosquitoes and even rats. There were some arguments at that time that the assignments were unfair, so I simply requested to swap the accommodations, asking for the newer building instead.”