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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 269 - Pretending

Chapter 269: Pretending

Jiang Yao tilted her head slightly to the side, biting her lips lightly as she tried to keep her smile that was threatening to spread wide on her face.

She quietly watched Lu Xingzhi, who was driving with one hand on the wheel with the other still holding her hand. She smiled softly, this was the Lu Xingzhi that she knew.

A man with few words that would silently stick to her side, and even though he did not say anything, the fact was that he would only be satisfied if he were tied to her side twenty four hours a day.

By the time they reached the platoon, the journey from the airport to the platoon had been delayed by half an hour, due to the little pit stop full of enthusiasm that was made. Lu Xingzhi held her hand all the way there, only releasing it when they reached the platoon.

“You weren’t even afraid of accidents, with the dangerous way you were driving.” Jiang Yao had pointed this out several times without success during the journey, and she could not resist whispering it again to Lu Xingzhi after they had stopped.

Hearing Jiang Yao’s words, Lu Xingzhi chucked lightly. When it came to this road, he could close his eyes and still maneuver without a problem. Using one hand was no challenge, and practically a piece of cake.

Lu Xingzhi had driven the car directly toward the family building, there were two family buildings in the platoon. One was built in the earlier years, and was slightly further away. It was an ordinary farmhouse with one family per unit, a large yard, and rooms at the back. There was also a large open space which was mainly for vegetables.

The other, was the newer building that Lu Xingzhi had parked at. It had been built in the past two years, having a total of seven floors. There were two units per floor, with each unit being a two-bedroom. Lu Xingzhi lived on the fifth floor toward the right side of the building.

The car was parked downstairs, and Jiang Yao saw a gathering of men in uniforms in front of the building even before she got down from the car.

“We’re here, let’s go.” Lu Xingzhi said, getting out of the car first. He took Jiang Yao’s luggage out at the same time, and called out to a figure that was hiding amidst the crowd, “Jin Cailiang!”

The figure shivered slightly, muttering that a person’s eyesight should not be that far-ranged or good, as he pushed his way through the crowd, “Here!” His eyes then turned toward the woman beside Lu Xingzhi, a smile breaking out on his face as he greeted, “Good day, Madam!”

Lu Xingzhi raised his hand and punched Jin Cailiang on the shoulder, not too hard, but not soft either. Jin Cailiang grunted, rubbing the spot where the hit had landed in a clearly exaggerated motion.

“Drop the act!” Lu Xingzhi said, throwing the car keys at Jin Cailiang, “Drive the car back.”

Jin Cailiang resumed his normal expression as he dropped the act, catching the keys that had been tossed at him, muttering sullenly, “You’re being stingy Sergeant, not even letting me have two words with the Madam.”

He opened his mouth, intending to say a few more words to the Madam, when he met the cold eyes of his Sergeant, and suddenly his mind went blank. Forgetting the words that had initially been at the tip of his tongue, he hurriedly jumped into the car and started it, time to run!

“Just like a rabbit, with how fast he ran away.” Lu Xingzhi chuckled darkly, turning toward Jiang Yao, he made the introduction, “That was Jin Cailiang, the platoon’s correspondent.”

Having introduced the person who had run away, he beckoned to the others who were still gathered there, and asked, “It seems that you have such an abundance of time to be gathering here, is there not enough training set for you?”

There was a scuffle as the men pushed each other amidst hushed voices before one of them finally stepped forward, seemingly to have been elected as their representative.

“Replying to Sergeant! We were thinking that this is Madam’s first arrival, and might require assistance that we could provide, that’s why we were waiting here!” Once Zhou Junmin finished his sentence, he did not wait for Lu Xingzhi’s response as he turned toward Jiang Yao, introducing himself, “Good day, Madam! My name is Zhou Junmin, the right hand to our Sergeant! Representing our platoon, we would like to welcome the arrival of Madam!”