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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 260 - Support

Chapter 260: Support

Mr. Feng was a smart person. He figured that Jiang Yao might have played dirty to purchase the shares from Mr. Qin.

He saw Mr. Qin today, who was happily envisioning how enraged Jiang Yao would get. If only he knew, Mr. Feng thought, how wrong he was.

Not allowing his ego to be challenged, he was willing to sell his shares at an extremely low price to anyone but Jiang Yao. Little did he know, he fell right into her trap.

Mr. Feng realized that the nineteen-year-old girl right in front of him was not as naïve as she seemed.

Everyone else rushed to sign the agreement, fearing that Jiang Yao would renege on her offer. Only Mr. Feng sat there holding his pen, unfazed.

Upon receiving the signed contracts, Jiang Yao nodded in approval. “Great! I will wire the money to your bank accounts soon.”

With Mr. Qin selling off his shares at a surprisingly low price, she was able to slash the prices here at the meeting. Because of that, she still had sufficient funds—borrowed from Huang Chengjing—to pay them out.

Flipping through the stack of papers in her hands, she noticed that Mr. Feng did not sign his agreement. Annoyed, she said, “It seems like Mr. Feng still needs some time to consider? I would suggest against that. I am free-spirited, I do what I want whenever I want. Just so you know, I may take back my offer anytime if you do not hurry up! Anyway, I am already the majority shareholder now, it really does not matter if you sell your shares to me or not.”

Jiang Yao overplayed her hand intending to only intimidate Mr. Feng. He capped his pen and returned the unsigned paper. “If you are confident about the whole hotel business, I am happy to be a part of it! I am not signing the agreement. Whatever you plan to do with the hospital, I have no opinions. I will be waiting for the year-end dividends.”

He chuckled and continued, “I am nothing but a lazy person. Earning money without putting in any effort is my dream come true!”

Frankly speaking, Mr. Feng’s shares did not really amount to much. He owned a meager six percent of the hospital’s shares having run into some financial issues back when the hospital was being set up. However, his small portfolio did more than enough to earn him plenty of income.

To own these shares, he sold his car off and mortgaged his house. He was daring then, risking everything he had. Right now, he was once again betting on Jiang Yao’s capabilities.

Having done that, Mr. Feng—joined by the rest of the shareholders—left the meeting contentedly, leaving a sulking Jiang Yao behind.

“Ms. Jiang, are you seriously considering building a hotel?” The director asked timidly, afraid of hearing yes as an answer.

Rolling her eyes at the director, Jiang Yao left the meeting room grumpily.

“Jiang Yao, what do you think Mr. Feng was doing back there?” Chen Zhibin had no idea what she planned to do now. Nevertheless, he knew for a fact that Jiang Yao attended the meeting with one goal in mind—to purchase everyone’s shares. Who knew a Mr. Feng would appear just like that?

“How would I know?” Jiang Yao retorted sullenly. She also wanted to know why.

However insignificant his shares were, she desired all of them for herself.

A brief thought later, Jiang Yao decided to meet Mr. Feng privately and find out what was actually going on in his mind.