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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 259 - : Time to Act

Chapter 259: Time to Act

Not a single shareholder present was happy receiving Jiang Yao’s contract. Their expressions started to change upon realizing that it was a contract to purchase their shares. Everyone expected to instead receive a document detailing the transition from a hospital to a hotel.

“What do you mean by this, Ms. Jiang?” Someone asked. “I heard that you wanted to shut the hospital down and turn it into a hotel, is that true?”

“Excellent question! I believe everyone here wants to know the truth.” Jiang Yao sat calmly at the head of the meeting desk with her fingers laced. She nodded and continued, “What you heard is the absolute truth. Mr. Qin has been going around spreading rumors about the demise of the hospital, making everyone involved anxious and worried. There was nothing I could do to stop the rumors so I might as well close it down and do something else with it.”

The director wiped his brows and thought, ‘Certainly there was something she could have done!’ Knowing that the rumors were started by Mr. Qin, she took no action against him and allowed them to spread around. He believed that it was intentional. She wanted the rumors to spread, giving her an excuse to demolish the hospital.

“Anyway, I do not think having a hospital at a place like this is a good idea. It sure gives off some bad vibes. That is why I have decided to build a hotel here instead.” Jiang Yao knocked on the desk twice and continued, “I know you are not willing to see it happen, nor are you happy with my idea. I hereby offer a solution. Sign the agreement in front of you and sell your portion of the shares to me. Whatever happens here in the future has nothing to do with you. Even if the business fails, you will not be affected.”

Upon further reading of the agreement presented by Jiang Yao, some of the shareholders were quite relieved. They were keen to sell off their shares but could not find a single buyer who was interested.

However, the price offered in the agreement was too low!

“Ms. Jiang, we have no qualms about selling our shares to you, but could you raise your asking price?” Someone suggested. “How about by twenty percent, at least!”

“This is what I am willing to pay, and it is final! Do what you want but remember this! Mr. Qin sold off his entire ten percent of shares at this price without a single complaint, what more do you want? Let me tell you, if you are not selling it now, do not expect to resist my decisions with those tiny numbers of shares you own. No one can stop me from expanding my hotel business!” Jiang Yao broke into a smile. “I now own seventy percent of the shares, granting me absolute decision-making rights! If you do not plan to sell, let us end the meeting and go our separate ways. If the hotel makes profit, the dividends will be given to you. But! If it loses money, you are all responsible too!”

With the shares under her name, Jiang Yao had no fear at all. She had to announce the news sooner or later, why not do it now and use it as a tool to pressure the rest of the shareholders?

The room turned silent in an instant. The shareholders were shocked to hear that Jiang Yao now owned seventy percent of the shares.