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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 254 - Brood Over

Chapter 254: Brood Over

Mr. Qin was almost out of breath due to anger. He panted while he placed his hand on his chest.

“Hey, you, red-eyed caretaker, why haven’t you taken your master’s medicine for his heart? Can’t you see that your master is having a heart attack?” Jiang Yao reprimanded the caretaker, who was standing at the side, sternly.

The caretaker rolled her eyes and almost burst out in anger. Her master was infuriated by this arrogant girl in front of her, how could it be a heart attack?

“I knew it! I knew that the hospital is going to close down in your hands!” Mr. Qin finally caught his breath and pointed at Jiang Yao while trembling. “Get lost! Get lost! I won’t let that happen!”

“Mr. Qin, don’t be senile, think carefully, I am not offering a low price.” Jiang Yao shook the contract that was thrown back to her by Mr. Qin. “I do things based on my mood. If you don’t sell them now, I won’t want them even if you kneel down and beg me later on!”

“Send her out! Send her out! Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me asking you to send her out?” Mr. Qin went upstairs right after he finished saying so. He was probably afraid that he might be infuriated to death if he were to stay one second longer. Nobody had ever dared to call him a senile person right in his face!

Jiang Yao was sent out of Mr. Qin’s house by the caretaker angrily. However, after she stepped out of the house, her anger suddenly turned into a wide and confident smile.

Seeing that nobody else was around, Jiang Yao could not help but guffaw while holding her belly.

“Brother Zhong! Did I do well? Mr. Qin was so angry that his mouth was crooked! Let’s see if he still has the courage to criticize soldiers!” What a great way to work off her anger, let us see if Mr. Qin would still insult or disrespect soldiers!

Lu Xingzhi had not even had the honor to witness this side of Jiang Yao.

Wu Zhong gently curved up the corners of his lips. He thought that this side of Jiang Yao was more like a teenage girl.

Lu Xingzhi, who was such a dull person, should have such a vivacious wife as a companion so that their personalities could complement each other.

The more he looked at Jiang Yao, the more he thought that she was a nice person. She was calm and quiet when she should be gentle, and she was not lacking vivacity when she should be vivacious. With a woman like her by Lu Xingzhi’s side, there was no need to mention her being of great help to Lu Xingzhi in the future, at the very least, women who were smart would not drag men down.

The most precious thing that Wu Zhong thought of was, as a woman and a soldier’s wife, her protection toward soldiers was way beyond what a normal woman and a normal soldier’s wife’s limit.

She remembered Mr. Qin’s insult toward him until now. Her respect toward soldiers touched Wu Zhong’s heart. Wu Zhong thought that if it were not for her love for her husband, Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao would not have brooded over an insult made by Mr. Qin toward retired soldiers. The reason Jiang Yao respected soldiers should mostly be because her husband was a soldier too.

However, seeing Mr. Qin being so angry, it was indeed a great way to work off his anger, but Wu Zhong was still worried that something bad might happen.

“Since you infuriated Mr. Qin like that and told him you are going to open a hotel, what are you going to do if Mr. Qin picks on you purposely and stops you from turning the hospital into a hotel by refusing to sell his shares?” Wu Zhong was worried that Jiang Yao had crossed the line in provoking him.

However, Jiang Yao was not even worried. “Brother Zhong, Mr. Qin is in a fit of rage now and refuses to sell his shares. However, Mr. Qin is still a businessman. After knowing that I have decided to play around and not operate the hospital properly, he won’t reap any benefits. He was initially planning to sell his shares. After provoking him, he will want to sell his shares more eagerly once he calms down.”

After saying that, Jiang Yao smiled gleefully. “Not only that, after he tells the other shareholders that I am going to play around, wouldn’t it be easier for me to buy the shares of other shareholders too? You have beaten Mr. Qin up so he hates me a lot. But the other shareholders do not have any hatred toward me. If I want to buy, and they are eagerly wanting to sell, they will definitely sell them to me.”

Moreover, if Manager Sun could buy his shares at a low price, she could buy the shares of other shareholders at a much lower price.