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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 253 - I’m Not Selling

Chapter 253: I’m Not Selling

After getting a defiant reply from the caretaker, Mr. Qin almost lost his temper. He opened his mouth and wanted to start chiding but he changed his mind before he said, “Let her in!”

It took a few seconds for him to react. Was the caretaker saying that Jiang Yao came for his shares of the ten percent that he owned?

Jiang Yao was only invited in by the caretaker, whose eyes were slightly reddish, after having waited at the doorstep for quite some time.

However, Jiang Yao did not put an impatient look on her countenance and pretended that she did not notice the tears welling in the caretaker’s eyes. She brought Wu Zhong into Mr. Qin’s house without any hesitation.

“What a surprise! Welcome, Miss Jiang! Your visit is really an honor to me!” Although Mr. Qin said so, he did not even have the intention to stand up from his seat and greet her. Even a moron could tell that he was not being friendly at all.

However, Jiang Yao put up a smile on her face as if she did not understand what he meant. Without Mr. Qin’s invitation, she sat down opposite him. When she noticed that Mr. Qin was sitting up straight and had changed his sitting position once he saw Wu Zhong, she could not help but snicker silently in her heart. As expected, he was traumatised from his past experience and he knew that he needed to behave himself if he were to meet that man ever again.

She liked obedient people like him. She only had to give him a beating to settle everything and that saved a lot of effort.

“There’s no need to be so flattered, Mr. Qin. If it were nothing to do with you, I would be too lazy to pay you a visit! Therefore, you don’t need to ask me to stay for dinner. You don’t deserve such a great honor from me.” Jiang Yao was so arrogant the moment she opened her mouth.

People nowadays knew that they had to be humble. Mr. Qin had been living for decades and that was the first time he had ever encountered someone who was so arrogant and unforgiving. Therefore, he found himself speechless at that moment but the expression on his face grew a few tones darker.

Mr. Qin could not believe that Jiang Yao had failed to understand what he meant just now. Clearly, she understood and was even trying to irritate him on purpose.

“I don’t have time. Let’s get straight to the point. The reason I came here today is to buy your shares of Shengqi Hospital that you eagerly wanted to sell but were not able to find yourself a buyer.” Jiang Yao took out a file from her bag and threw it in front of Mr. Qin casually. She looked arrogant as if she was giving alms. “This is the contract. All you have to do is sign it. After signing it, the money will be transferred to your bank account immediately.”

Mr. Qin treasured his image very much. Jiang Yao irritated and antagonized him ever since she made her appearance. His anger ignited and it was burning furiously as if someone had poured gasoline on him.

“I’m not selling! I’m not selling! I will not sell them to you even if I have to hold them until they become rubbish!” Mr. Qin slammed the table out of anger and did not even look at the contract placed on the table.

“Mr. Qin, is it necessary for you to get all fired up? Rumors about the hospital are spreading everywhere now. The hospital might shut down at any moment. Mr. Qin, it is hard for you to earn money at your age. How is it worth it if you have to lose so much money? But I’m in a good mood. I respect my elders like you and I decided to take over the dirty job myself. After all, I have tons of cash. I was thinking of renovating the hospital and turning it into a grand hotel after I repurchase all the shares. Isn’t that a great idea! The hospital took up so much space and it only brings us bad luck. I do not like to see people cry and die so it’s still better to build a hotel. I can build the most stylish hotel in Nanjiang City and I can even build my reputation by inviting my friends to hangout or have a gathering there.”

If we were to discuss the skills of provoking people to death, no one would claim oneself to be the champion if Jiang Yao were to say that she was the first runner-up.

Wu Zhong was standing behind her, listening to Jiang Yao sounding like an immature child who was making decisions based on her emotions. If he did not understand Lu Xingzhi’s taste in picking a wife, judging by Jiang Yao’s attitude when she was talking about shutting down the hospital, he would have believed that Jiang Yao was going to turn the hospital into a grand hotel.