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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 252 - I’m Not Going to See Her

Chapter 252: I’m Not Going to See Her

Jiang Yao took a cab and went to the hospital. Firstly, she needed to go to the hospital and look for Wu Zhong. She needed Wu Zhong to accompany her to find Mr. Qin as she did not have the guts to find Mr. Qin on her own. If she ever did that, she might be kicked out of the door by him.

The cab was speeding through the streets and Jiang Yao’s heart was racing as well.

She had never expected that Huang Chengjing would lend his help to her at this crucial moment. Knowing that she did not have the money, he asked his assistant to send the money straight to her silently. Although, he made it clear on the note that she was supposed to pay him back the amount of money along with interest according to the interest rates set by banks. If the amount of money were not sufficient, she could always ask him for more.

However, Jiang Yao was not the kind of person who did not know how to separate the sheep from the goats. Huang Chengjing was neither that rich to the point where he could not find anywhere else to spend his money nor did he just want to earn a tiny bit of interest from her. He was just trying to help her.

Huang Chengjing’s kindness was engraved into Jiang Yao’s heart. Jiang Yao would never forget his kindness by lending a helping hand when she desperately needed one this time. Jiang Yao would always remember it and she would return the favor to him whenever she had the chance.

Wu Zhong was at the hospital during the day. Jiang Yao found him and asked him to go out with her. She told him that she was going to meet Mr. Qin and Wu Zhong did not ask much about it.

Jiang Yao was the biggest shareholder of the hospital and was addressed as ‘Miss Jiang’. Therefore, when she wanted to leave, she asked the director to arrange for a driver and a car for her to send her and Wu Zhong straight to the doorsteps of Mr. Qin’s house.

Mr. Qin was at home at the moment. When his caretaker told him that a young lady wanted to meet him, he thought of Jiang Yao immediately.

“I’m not going to see her! No way! Don’t you know how to tell her that I’m not around? You moron!” Once Jiang Yao appeared in Mr. Qin’s mind, he subconsciously thought of Wu Zhong’s rock-hard fist. His anger blazed out instantly and he bellowed at his caretaker.

Mr. Qin was afraid, really afraid.

The rumors about Shengqi Hospital were spreading like a worldwide pandemic, why would Jiang Yao pay him a visit right now? She must have come to seek revenge on the rumors that he had caused just because of a comment that he made due to his dissatisfaction.

As the rumors were spreading these few days, Mr. Qin regretted everything he did that day. It was true that careless talk leads to trouble, he should not have claimed that the hospital was going to close down under the management of the new shareholder because he had only wanted to show his dissatisfaction. Who knew that a statement from him could bring such unbearable consequences and cause the situation to be that bad.

He had done something that caused others trouble and did not benefit himself either.

Those who were contemplating whether to buy his shares or not had all claimed that they needed more time to think about it. Mr. Qin was not dumb either, he understood that they were only trying to sound polite. The truth was, they did not even want to see him ever again.

The rumors were getting worse day by day, even Nanjiang Daily Post had a special column just to discuss that matter and make assumptions. Mr. Qin was waiting for the new shareholder to come out with countermeasures for the past two days. He had not expected the young lady to really fail to settle anything. Instead of clearing up the rumors, she came here to seek revenge!

Words could not express his regret. All of a sudden, the shares that he was holding at that time had become more and more worthless. Back when he wanted to sell his shares, there were a lot of people who came to inquire but now, not a single person had shown up.

After getting some information from other shareholders, Mr. Qin only found out that the rest of the shareholders were also looking for buyers to get rid of their shares. All of them believed that the hospital would not be able to sustain. Before it closes down, they wanted to sell off their shares and cut their losses quickly as every cent counts. However, things did not turn out the way they wanted, now, no one was willing to buy the shares.

The caretaker felt wronged after being reprimanded by him. She cried while defending herself, “The young lady came for your shares of Shengqi Hospital. I noticed that you have been worrying about that recently. I just wanted to inform you…”

The caretaker mumbled after she defended herself, “If I had known that earlier, I would not even bother to care.”