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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: His Deception

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Dad, it’s okay, it’s only four years. Jiang Yao’s well-being is my priority,” Lu Xingzhi said in a matter-of-fact way, as if confirming that it was really his decision to let Jiang Yao apply for Nanjiang Medical School and he had not been particularly surprised when he heard the news.

Mrs. Jiang heaved a sigh of relief. She took Jiang Yao’s hand into hers and gently stroked it. “Yaoyao, you should be grateful that Xingzhi loves you so much. Since you guys have talked this through, we as parents won’t stick our noses in this anymore. Anyway, you must remember to open your heart as spouses no matter what lies in the future. Yaoyao, you are stubborn at times, you have to learn and develop a new attitude.”

“Alright Mom, I know,” Jiang Yao answered timidly and glanced at Lu Xingzhi.

She felt a thousand feelings tossing and turning inside her.

It was all her fault, but he helped cover up her lies.

She kept him in the dark about her application to Nanjiang Medical School.

When the news erupted, he took her side and vouched for her with the Lu family. Even in her own house, he took her side and vouched for her.

Jiang Yao wondered if such a silly man like Lu Xingzhi was the one and only in this world.

In her previous life, Jiang Yao had not returned to her house in these two days. She had a fight with Lu Xingzhi and she didn’t even send him off when he returned to the base. She went back home by herself, had a heated quarrel with her parents, and was kicked out of the house.

After her rebirth, he kept her company and came home, taking responsibility for everything.

“Alright then. Take a seat. I’ll go to the farm with your mom and pick some watermelons and vegetables. Bring some to your parents,” Mr. Jiang said with a laugh. Regardless, he was delighted that his daughter had been admitted to a key university. “Oh yes, will you guys have dinner here?”

“Sure!” Lu Xingzhi prompted.

Mrs. Jiang was overjoyed with the answer. She slapped her legs and stood up as she exclaimed, “Then, make yourself at home or take a stroll outside. Let Yaoyao’s dad pick some melons and I’ll pick some vegetables. We’ll catch a chicken and make a stew!”

Mrs. Jiang murmured while thinking about the menu for dinner that night, “Ever since Yaoyao has married and moved to your house, she rarely comes home, she’s always busy studying. Now, she’s been accepted to college and will be going to another province soon. She’ll have lesser time to come back.”

“Mom, I’ll visit you more often whenever I’m able to,” Jiang Yao said. Mrs. Jiang’s soft whisper made Jiang Yao’s eyes reddish that she almost cried.

“Hey, focus on your studies, that is the most important. You can make your trips home more often after you graduate and begin working,” Mrs. Jiang answered with a cheerful smile, then went out with her husband with a hoe.

It was obvious that Mr. and Mrs. Jiang was genuinely happy about the news. At this point, it was certain that they would start bragging about their daughter’s admission whenever they stumbled upon anyone.

Although the Jiang family was not as loaded as the Lu family and they lived in the modest small farmhouse, Mrs. Jiang kept the house tidy and clean even if they had poultry by the house.

After her parents went out, Jiang Yao took Lu Xingzhi to tour her house and her room. She still kept a set of keys to this house. The house was still the same as it had been before she got married. Her old books and clothes were stacked neatly in the room. Her room was spotlessly clean despite her lack of visits, and even her quilt was warm with the smell of sun. Apparently, her mom must have taken her quilt to dry outside the house, expecting her visit and stay over.