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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 241 - Just As She Thought

Chapter 241: Just As She Thought

“I would not be where I am today if I were to take longer to get it done.” Huang Chengjing was not trying to toot his own horn, but he did his research on Manager Sun the day before. Considering that Jiang Yao had probably gone to sleep, he chose to call today.

“The Manager Sun you were talking about was the same manager of the restaurant where my dad got sick.” Huang Chengjing realized after his inquiry that they were the same person. “Guess who is the current manager of Riya Restaurant? I don’t think you will be able to get it right though.”

“If you say so, why did you ask me to guess?” Jiang Yao was amused. “Since I will not be able to get it anyway, just tell me who it is.”

Huang Chengjing laughed awkwardly, not expecting Jiang Yao to be this forthcoming. He cut straight to the chase and said, “It is Zhang Xiqing.”

One name was all it took for the awkward silence that ensued.

A few seconds later, Jiang Yao burst out laughing.

“That is a name I would never ever guess.” Jiang Yao was astounded. The only free person now from the Zhang family was Zhang Xiqing. Who would have thought that she would quit school and became a manager at Riya Restaurant?

Jiang Yao wanted to know why the owner of Riya Restaurant would lay off Manager Sun and hire someone so off-putting like Zhang Xiqing.

“Mr. Huang, does the owner of Riya Restaurant have ties with the Zhang family?” Jiang Yao thought that this was the only logical explanation.

“That is right, Miss Jiang. Riya Restaurant is owned by two owners. One of the owner’s wife is Zhang Xiqing’s aunt. Remember how Manager Sun and the reporters wrote a big piece on you? After that, you were chosen as the prettiest freshman and the freshmen representative. The Zhang family was quite upset and fired Manager Sun a few days later. After the downfall of the Zhang family, Zhang Xiqing’s aunt hired her to replace the vacant position right there at the restaurant.”

“Looks like Riya Restaurant’s days are numbered.” Jiang Yao muttered. “I think Manager Sun is a man of great capabilities.”

“You are right. Although I have only met him twice.” Huang Chengjing agreed with Jiang Yao’s judgement. “I got the process of procurement done. I think you will be able to work on it in a couple of days.”

“Sounds good. Thank you so much for your help this time.” Jiang Yao expressed her gratitude. Just as she thought, Manager Sun being fired was indirectly caused by her.

After ending the call, Jiang Yao immediately looked for Manager Sun’s number and dialed it. Instead, it was answered by a staff at Riya Restaurant.

The staff was surprisingly friendly even after knowing that Jiang Yao was actually looking for Manager Sun. “This cell phone was given to Manager Sun during his time here by our boss. After he left, the cell phone was returned to the boss. If you want to, you can call his house phone number.”

After some light whining, Jiang Yao asked for Manager Sun’s phone number. She thanked the staff profusely and thought to herself how respectable Manager Sun was as a person. Even after leaving his job, he was well-received by his former employees.

Wen Xuehui looked blankly at Jiang Yao making phone calls back-to-back, seemingly busier than her father, Chancellor Wen.