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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 240 - See It for Yourself

Chapter 240: See It for Yourself

Jiang Yao slept soundly that night holding onto her cell phone.

She only wished that National Day would come earlier, so she could see Lu Xingzhi, who was miles and miles away from where she was.

It was not easy, longing for someone so far away.

Now, Jiang Yao finally knew how Lu Xingzhi felt when he was waiting for her.

She understood, however, that her expectancy had a deadline. They would meet soon after.

Back then, Lu Xingzhi waited for all his life, but never got to see Jiang Yao.

A freshman’s timetable was packed very tightly with plenty of classes back-to-back. Moe was still angry at Jiang Yao for not buying it the ring, so it did not follow her to class. As usual, Jiang Yao would log in to the Medical System instead during classes. Sometimes, she would revise any previous knowledge she had learned.

The medicine for Mrs. Chen was completed at the lab, ready to be given to Chen Zhibin during her weekend visit to the hospital. This medicine might not cure Mrs. Chen right away, but it would at least strengthen her body and alleviate some symptoms she had.

After an entire morning filled with classes, Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui went to the cafeteria together. Jiang Yao realized that Wen Xuehui seemed to be a little absent-minded today. She did not even take many notes during this morning’s class.

After getting their food, Jiang Yao sat down opposite Wen Xuehui. She asked, “Are you still thinking about Li Ronghui?”

Hearing that name out of the blue, Wen Xuehui jerked her head up and looked at Jiang Yao, denying fervently.

Jiang Yao knew everything she needed to know just by looking at Wen Xuehui’s dramatic reaction.

“You cannot go on like this. It is going to affect your grades here in school!” Jiang Yao exposed Wen Xuehui’s current situation. “I noticed that you were daydreaming the entire morning in class. Xuehui, we are all studying to become doctors. Do you understand what the consequences are if we flunk our classes? Think about the dangers it will bring to our professional lives and our future patients! Why not use the time now and work on bettering yourself, instead of sulking over a boy? Li Ronghui is not yours, but the knowledge you learned here, will be a part of you forever. Which do you think is more important?”

Wen Xuehui picked up her chopsticks and twirled her rice around. She sighed, “That is right. It is just that, I cannot control my emotions. He came looking for me these past few days, do you know that? I do not see any of the bad things you mentioned. He was really genuine; it just pains me to think otherwise!”

“You know, I think he will be a great actor in the future. I can see him winning the Oscars!” Jiang Yao laughed. She knew how much pain Li Ronghui brought to Wen Xuehui back then. She would not allow it to happen again.

“If you do not believe me, let us visit his hometown this weekend, and see it for yourself,” Jiang Yao said. “Just think of it as a short trip with me.”

“Well, I trust you Jiang Yao, but…” Wen Xuehui tried to explain.

“I understand.” Jiang Yao sighed. “You cannot face reality. That is why it would be best to see it for yourself. You will believe it then. It is for your own good…”

Jiang Yao’s cell phone rang suddenly, cutting her off.

It was Huang Chengjing calling. Excusing herself, Jiang Yao picked up the call.

“Mr. Huang!” Jiang Yao smiled. “That was mighty quick of you to call today.”