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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 237 - Chamber Pot

Chapter 237: Chamber Pot

Jiang Yao had absolutely no idea the perks that came with increasing her own Vision Value. What an unexpected find in this deserted alleyway!

Unfortunately, she spent all her points on her Physical Strength Value. Plus, it seemed that her Favorability Value had become stagnant.

“Jiang Yao, buy that vase and sell it off! Then, buy me that ring we saw just now!” Moe wagged its tail furiously, trying to convince Jiang Yao to make the purchase.

Annoyed, she gave Moe’s butt a hard slap, silencing it in the process.

“Sir, how much for the vase behind you?” Jiang Yao peeked at the pile of scattered stuff behind the vendor. Without looking at it properly, one could be forgiven in thinking they were just trash.

Shocked, the vendor looked back at the vase behind him. The girl in front of him showed no interest at the sword but asked for a completely different thing. He said, “Miss, that thing has no value. Listen to me, the sword is better! Remember how I sold a painting a couple of days ago that had its value increased by twenty times? I believe you can do the same with this sword too!”

“Is that a flower vase?” Jiang Yao had no interest whatsoever at the rusty sword, instead showing fascination at the supposedly thousand-year-old vase. She was in need of some money, and the idea of selling it off to earn some extra cash sounded like music to her ears.

“What flower vase? That is not a flower vase, Miss!” The vendor shook his head. “This is a chamber pot! Do you know what it is for?”

Jiang Yao’s face turned bright red.

Of course she knew what a chamber pot was, it was used by the men in the olden days as a portable toilet!

The vendor kicked the vase around, and sure enough, a handle appeared. He continued with a face of disgust, “I got this thing for free from another purchase. A freebie! What do you expect? Plus, I do not think it is appropriate for a lady like you to buy a chamber pot, don’t you think?”

Jiang Yao lost any remaining interest at purchasing that vase once she heard that it was a chamber pot.

However ancient and historical that thing was, she did not want anything to do with it!

She turned around swiftly and walked away. Staring at Moe with a sour face, she berated, “What is wrong with you?!”

Moe lost its temper hearing that. “That is my question! What is wrong with you?! Buy it! Why are you walking away? That is what you humans would call an authentic piece of antiquity.”

“That is a chamber pot! It was what the men used to pee in centuries ago. It just makes me want to throw up thinking about that! And you still want me to buy it? Then what? Carry it back to my dorm room and look at it every night before I sleep? Outrageous!” Jiang Yao was pissed off. She threw Moe onto the ground and said, “Walk yourself!”

How could Moe understand what a chamber pot was? All it knew was that the piece of antique was worth a lot of money and that money could be used to buy him new toys. Looking at the furious Jiang Yao, he thought that she was being too irrational.

She knew that she could not have done it with her being a germaphobe. Also, she could fathom just how Lu Xingzhi would react if he knew she had bought herself an ancient chamber pot.

Unless she paid for the stuff, and had it sold off before it even touched her hands, there was no way she would purchase it. She could not help but feel disgusted.