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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 231 - The Poor Master, Jiang Yao

Chapter 231: The Poor Master, Jiang Yao

The poor master, Jiang Yao, was clenching her teeth after it complained about her. She wanted to kill it so badly but what else could she do?

Moe sat on Jiang Yao’s shoe and gazed fixedly on the display shelf.

After a while, it let out a sigh and said casually, “You may be poor, but your husband is rich!”

“Even if he’s rich, he will not buy a diamond for you!” Jiang Yao replied with a ‘hmph’. Lu Xingzhi had never even bought her a diamond ring. She would not want her own husband to buy a diamond ring for this high-maintenance Moe.

Back when they got married, they did have wedding rings but they were made out of gold.

That was the tradition back in their hometown. They would wear gold rings for their wedding and not anything else. Both of their wedding rings were kept in the safe at home.

It was not convenient for Lu Xingzhi to wear it when he was in the platoon and it was inconvenient for Jiang Yao to wear it when she was in school. Moreover, the rings were too heavy and they were not suitable to be worn every day. The pair of rings was only suitable to be kept safe and sound in the coffer.

A cat and a woman, staring at each other with eyes wide open by the street without budging.

When Huang Chengjing walked out of the store, he saw Jiang Yao looking down at the cat that was sitting on her foot. She looked as if she was angry but not entirely so.

“Miss Jiang.” Huang Chengjing walked toward Jiang Yao and greeted her, “Are you afraid of cats?”

He thought that Jiang Yao was passing by when she bumped into a cat without its owner. Then, the cat sat on her foot and refused to leave. Therefore, Jiang Yao was stunned.

It was normal for girls to be afraid of cats and dogs. That was why Huang Chengjing spoke up and asked her.

“What a coincidence, General Manager Huang!” Jiang Yao looked up and gave him a smile once she noticed that he was someone she was familiar with. “I’m not afraid of cats. This is my pet and I am bringing it out for a walk.”

“The shareholders’ meeting had just ended, right?” Huang Chengjing was well-informed by his sources. Although he did not pay attention to the internal news of the hospital intentionally, he still knew most of it.

Initially, he thought that Jiang Yao might have a tough time dealing with the other shareholders today. He did not expect that she would be able to settle the matter so quickly despite being late. She could even tame the bunch of old folks.

Huang Chengjing was contemplating whether or not he should secretly lend Jiang Yao some help. However, judging by the current situation, Jiang Yao did not even need his help.

After giving it some thought, Huang Chengjing told Jiang Yao another intel. “I heard that Mr. Qin invited a lot of people to dine together tonight. After the shareholders’ meeting had ended, it seemed that Mr. Qin left while being infuriated. Along the way, he was saying that the hospital will fall one day if it is in your hands. Therefore, I assume that Mr. Qin might have the intention to sell the shares that he has.”

Jiang Yao was not surprised. She asked Wu Zhong to go all out today and had embarrassed Mr. Qin in front of others at the hospital. For people like Mr. Qin who was concerned about their image more than their lives, they would really consider selling off all their stocks rather than cross paths with her again.

“Oh, by the way, why is Miss Jiang here at this hour?” Since she did not continue their conversation on Mr. Qin’s matter, Huang Chengjing assumed that Jiang Yao had her ways of handling it so he did not continue asking. He switched the topic and asked, “Perhaps Miss Jiang wants to try your luck here at Antique Street? A lot of people in Nanjiang City found their first bucket of gold here on this street.”

“Antique Street? Isn’t this the Jewellery Street?” Jiang Yao pointed at the entrance of the street in confusion. “There is a stunning signboard hanging at the entrance and the words ‘Jewellery Street’ are written on it.”

Huang Chengjing smiled gently. “Miss Jiang is still new to Nanjiang City so it’s normal for you to not know about this. However, those who aren’t in this field might not know that Jewellery Street has another name as well. The name is only used by people in our field which is the ‘Antique Street’. On this street, not only are there people selling jewellery, there are also a lot of stores selling antiques. You can’t find any common items here.”

What he meant was, most people would not come here to look for jewellery for their wedding because most of them could not afford the things sold here.

Let us take the diamond ring that Jiang Yao just saw as an example. In other malls, there were diamond rings that cost from hundreds up to thousands. According to the publics’ spending power and the average price point of the goods, you would not even find a diamond necklace worth ten thousand dollars at an ordinary mall, not to mention a small diamond ring worth more than ten thousand.

However, the diamond ring worth more than ten thousand was considered one of the cheaper stuff found on this street.