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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 229 - No Objections

Chapter 229: No Objections

Mr. Feng was even worried that Mr. Qin might not be able to keep his shares once he stepped out of the meeting room today.

Although they did not own much of the hospital’s shares, the hospital was a valuable asset that could generate a sizeable income. People could cut down their expenditure on food or clothes but how could one cut down on their medical bills when they were sick?

Under the previous management of the hospital by Chairman Qi, the dividend yield for the shareholders was considerably high every year.

Mr. Feng thought to himself, anyone smart enough would surely have a firm grasp on the shares they own.

“Since there are no objections, I hereby announce that our shareholders’ meeting is adjourned. Does anyone have any questions?” Jiang Yao sat there and looked at Mr. Qin coldly. Looking at him grabbing his stuff and dashing out of the meeting room, Jiang Yao felt that it was a pity that Wu Zhong had let him off easy judging by his steady footsteps.

“None at all.” The rest responded in unison. “Miss Jiang, don’t you need to rush back to school? Please return as soon as possible, don’t take up too much of your study time.”

They were starting to wish that the demonic Jiang Yao would leave as soon as possible.

They wanted to leave the meeting room as quickly as possible and stay away from Jiang Yao. However, they were afraid that if they left before Jiang Yao did, she might stop them for another lecture about her ‘order’.

Jiang Yao lifted her chin slightly and the corner of her lips curved upward. She nodded and left the meeting room straightaway after calling Wu Zhong and Chen Zhibin.

While they were waiting for the lift, Jiang Yao asked Wu Zhong about his physical condition. Although she asked Wu Zhong to go all out just now, Jiang Yao was still worried that it might accidentally hurt his leg. After all, Mr. Qin did not just let him beat him into a pulp foolishly. He was using all his might to defend himself and fight back. However, he was just too weak and was no match for Wu Zhong. In the end, it turned out to be a one-sided fight where Wu Zhong was pummeling him to the ground.

“I’m totally fine, Miss Jiang. Actually I’m still in my tip-top shape. I did not forgo my training all these years and I almost never fall sick.” Wu Zhong had a great time just now. He noticed that there was no sign of Jiang Yao being worried at all, so he did not fret about any negative consequences that could happen.

“From now on, Brother Zhong can just call me by my name, Jiang Yao, if no one is around, or you can just address me as your sister-in-law! Privately, there’s no need for us to be that courteous, it is only a show we put up for the outsiders and not for ourselves.” Jiang Yao put a smile on her face. “You will be promoted as the security supervisor starting from tomorrow and there’s no need for you to be on duty for three rotating shifts or the night shifts. That can really damage your health. You’re Xingzhi’s comrade and also his brother. After witnessing your capabilities, I am rest assured by assigning you this position!”

Jiang Yao had a very faint smile on her face when she was talking. However, it was enough to soothe people’s hearts and it seemed genuine.

Her smile was on point and that made Wu Zhong feel Jiang Yao’s sincerity. He agreed to the proposal without any hesitation. He vowed to himself that he would repay Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi’s trust and respect given to him by giving everything he had.

Xiao Fang probably received the order directly from the director, so he was waiting for Jiang Yao at the main entrance of the hospital. Once Jiang Yao was out, he opened the car door immediately and waited for her to get into the car.

“I will take my leave now, both of you can go back as well!” Jiang Yao waved her hand at both of them to say goodbye before she got into the car.

“Miss Jiang, are you going back to Nanjiang Medical University directly?” Xiao Fang asked.

When Jiang Yao was about to reply ‘yes’, Moe jumped out of her bag abruptly and stood on her knees. It shook its head in order to fluff up its flattened fur and said, “Since we’re out, let’s go shopping before we go home! Shopping! Shopping!”

Jiang Yao was speechless, Moe’s hobby could really make her at a loss for words. Moe was very excited as if it had been imprisoned for decades and was finally released.