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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 228 - An Implicit Warning

Chapter 228: An Implicit Warning

He was indeed a tough nut to crack. Even though he was beaten up to that extent, he did not choose to give in. He clenched his teeth and chose to make a police report.

“Police! Get over here right now! Someone is attempting a murder…”

Jiang Yao strolled toward Mr. Qin after he told the police the full address of the hospital. She raised her hand and grabbed Mr. Qin’s phone. She then took over the phone and spoke to the person on the other end, “Hello, there’s no need to dispatch the police force. If you insist on sending the police over, I will suggest you talk to Director Ye. Tell him that I, Jiang Yao, said that there’s no need for his help at my hospital for now. Thank you.”

Once she was done, she hung up and tossed Mr. Qin’s phone gently back onto the table as if she was casually throwing away some garbage in disgust.

“Mr. Qin, what do you think? Don’t you agree that Wu Zhong is a talented man with great potential? Do you still think that assigning him as the supervisor of the hospital’s security department is an irresponsible act? It’s a pity that you are only able to witness half of his strength today. Experts who were trained by our country can definitely perform outstandingly in reinforcing our security. If you still don’t believe all of this, you have the chance to experience it little by little in the future.”

Jiang Yao only asked Wu Zhong to stop after she was done talking. Wu Zhong stood back by Jiang Yao’s side without saying a word.

Jiang Yao stared at the embarrassed Mr. Qin who was sitting on the floor. She secretly gave Wu Zhong a thumbs up. Excellent! He knew to avoid hitting him in the face. He chose the parts with the thickest flesh and those that would really make him feel the punches. She liked this type of wise men.

“I hereby announce that Wu Zhong will officially be the supervisor of the security department starting from tomorrow. If any of the shareholders have any objections or feel that this promotion is an irresponsible act to the hospital, you can stand up and challenge him yourself.” Jiang Yao was on cloud nine, and she laughed wickedly. “If you stand up right now, you can have two advantages. Besides the upper hand that Mr. Qin had, I can even give you another one. Wu Zhong has fought in one match. Since that has drained some of his energy, I will not require a fair fight between you and him.”

The director and the others stared at Mr. Qin, who was sitting on the floor, and did not dare to speak a word, with their mouths agape. They were all covered in sweat induced by fear.

How was that a match? That was clearly a one-sided bully of Wu Zhong grabbing Mr. Qin and beating him into a pulp! Mr. Qin did not even stand a chance to fight back!

None of them were brave enough to stand out and accept the nineteen-year-old Miss Jiang’s challenge!

“No… People that are recommended by Miss Jiang must be the cream of the crop. We have just witnessed Wu Zhong’s capabilities and we agree that he is the best candidate for the job as our security supervisor. Our hospital welcomes and values experts with outstanding capabilities like him.” Mr. Feng was only observing from the side just now, and he was now dumbfounded by Jiang Yao’s actions.

The purpose of them having the meeting today was to show that little girl, Jiang Yao, their power and grab some benefits from her. They had no idea that Jiang Yao was such a tough woman despite her young age, and she gave an implicit warning the moment she showed up in front of everyone. They were all dumbfounded and could not even react.

Now, who else would dare to say ‘no’ to Wu Zhong’s promotion by Jiang Yao herself?

Jiang Yao had Wu Zhong’s back. He could just let loose if he felt like it. It only took awhile for Mr. Qin to get down on his knees. If anyone were to oppose her, were they not asking for a beating?

They then took another look at Jiang Yao’s arrogant attitude and started guessing how strong her background was.

Mr. Qin was making a police report on the phone but Jiang Yao grabbed the phone straightaway and mentioned Director Ye by name. She even mentioned her name out loud without any hesitation.

Judging by her tone, Director Ye must know who she was. Once Director Ye hears her name, it was certain that Director Ye would not intervene with this matter. Therefore, even if Mr. Qin visited the police station after this, the police force would not take any actions on Jiang Yao either.